Sunday, July 20, 2008

NoobTimes: Stalker Song - Conquista Rock Festival Day 1

Yesterday we DJed at a rock festival. And although the metal audiente isn't [definitely] our people, it was cool to have fun with the goo' 'n' ol' rock'n'roll, dirty and bold as it should be. We even got interviewed by a TV chanel! lol F*CK ME I'M FAMOUS!!!!!

I like rock! Perhaps I like it less than my friends, but I love indie rock, pop rock, glam rock, nu rave and all these pseudo-modern craps that actually are imitation from the old school stuff [that also pleases me]; but things like metal, hard, gothic, death, infernal, blahblahblah don't charm me at all! Sometimes they unusually touch me, like with the local band Liatris and their vocally potent "leader", Larissa Hyuga, that made a metal version from A-Ha's Take On Me.

However, it's habitual from the current rock generation to be highly prejudiceful and exaggeratedly nostalgic. So, in a sort-of-a protest agains the scene's uptightness, we opened the set with Björk's Declare Independence*. Nobody paid much attention, but some noticed that some music was being played and that it was interesting. We carried on with the play-it-safe and played stuff like Arctic Monkeys's I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor* and ultra-hot Juliette And The Licks's 20 Year Old Lover*, passing through No Doubt's Sunday Morning, that got some into the dancing with it's Ska-ish mood.

After some several beers we turned the fuckoff! on and turned the thing into an eclectic dancefloor, with made-for-dancing rocks à lá Franz Ferdinand and some Yellians electro-pops. Some metal people middle-fingered us while we Tecktonik-ed on the stage, but everything was so fun that I just replied with my fingers too and kept shaking.

In the end we were really tired with the preocupation of trying to please such a different crowd, but majorly content for being ourselves [sometimes even too much] and, that way, getting great reviews from the people that mattered [business! business! business!].

There's more today: we'll play earlier to the flies and crickets while Mr. Wolves from the Metal don't come.

*On the playlist.

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