Monday, May 30, 2005

Come September...

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White Lilies Island by Natalie Imbruglia

Natalie Imbruglia, one of my favorite aussies ever, prove why she's a (underrated) genious. Her sophomore album, White Lilies Island, come up as relaxing and emotive confessions after the heavy and dark enviroment of her debut Left Of The Middle.
She starts here with a stream-of-conscience called That Day. Teamed with bigtime pop-divas co-writer, Pat Leonard, she seems to uncover her (apparently) self-opressed chest in a rock driven beat. In the lyrics she repeats "what a mess, what a marvelous mess", and we can feel that mess on the madness of the melody, produced with lots of "beeps and noises", and on her rushy vocals as well.
Then she travels and surfs through "surrendering lyrics" (Beauty On Fire and Do You Love), sweet love song (Satellite) until lands on the perfection called Wrong Impression. Those string arrangements and (again) rushy vocals will drive you mad, as you dive into an insane urge to fall in love.
Right after comes Goodbye, the second most sentimental and strong-emotive lyrics of the album. This track inspired me to write a song called Waterfalls (a post down), while it rip me tears out during the composition. And after few minutes of pleasure hearing the following songs, you'll fall into the web of Talk In Tongues.
This is the BEST song of the album. Natalie drops us a quite depressive tune combined with kind of resentful lyrics. And everytime she reaches the highlight of the song, which happens to be the chorus, you really feel "crying, crying like a baby/ Caught between the tides", then you wonder if you're in your exact way. At this specific part it's hard to hold my tears back. Everything in the song fits perfectly, since the acoustic guitar, till the soothing flute melotron and even the corny sirens on the very background, and of course Natalie's sweet and piercing vocals, that enchant the most beautiful music written by her (as far as I know).
At last, but not least come Butterflies, a subjective song about death, and the cute Come September, that sounds as a perfect closure for this masterpiece. In it Natalie sings about a girl (I assume it's herself) who believes that the chilly breeze of Auttum will make her forget disapointment. And since we get involved with the atmosphere of the album since the beginning, having just a single moment of boredom (Sunlight), we just plead along with the lady:
"Come September..."

Sunday, May 29, 2005

"...Are You Coming Down Tonight?"

I'm not exactly those kind of people who keep things simple. Actually, I admit that my second name should be "Drama". But sometimes, as a glimpse of divinity or some kind of epiphany, I seem to keep simpleness into something so-called complicated as love. Once again, I say that I don't go often easy as now, but each moment has its own specific terms, and now I feel simple while I hear to Natalie Imbruglia's Satellite.
Let me explain the whole matter. There's this boy who've been taking almost all of my thoughtful hours. I know I occupy most of his as well, but as nothing comes freely in this business, he lives kilometers down-south of me, and for that I thank (or damn) the "wide-world-web" inventor, because his creation has brought us together.
So, since late March I've been wishing and dreaming of this guy, who seems to be the answers to all my former doubts on love. It's hard to tell if "web-love" can be real. After all, "with all this space, can we keep it alive?" And as I wake up every morning and catch myself thinking of his smile, I also wonder if he, as me, lies awake at any moment of day and wonders a way of bringing us closer. And I fastly figure the answer out, when I notice he's been circling me for a while, like a Satellite. He's my Satellite (you're my Satellite).
That's when my spirit, in a marvelous moment of optimism and hope, tries to keep him in sight, and all this simple, and just asks:
"Are you coming down tonight?"
Inspired by Satellite (by Natalie Imbruglia).

Poems of the day...

"I've Fallen..." by Lucas Oliveira Dantas

All around
My expectations wonder
Where are your eyes when I'm lost in here
Calling out, all around
My heartbeats denounce
All the thrill I feel when you're finally here

I want you, but I want you to understand
I'm Confused, I'm wrong

Didn't want to let you see my fragile part
Didn't want to hurt your heart with my pride
But I, have fallen
Didn't want to fight, though my mind keeps punching
Didn't want to pierce you with my childish yearning
But I, have fallen

"Waterfalls" by Lucas Oliveira Dantas

I'll repeat everyday, this inexplicable crush
I'll first deny away, then try to bring into close
But you turn to me and say
You'll fight me again and over
And I try to push you away
As my acts make you stronger

That's when I lie awake
And wait for you to take
My Heart, My Heart

My head works over time, do you still want me
My confused strange mind, don't want you to break me
But you turn to me and say
You'll still keep it working
Though I still push you away
You stand on in your journey

That's when I try in vain
To run, hide and throw away
Your Love, Your Love

And from the straight line
I watich you win me all

And I don't understand, why I still fight
But you tell we'll be fine
That you'll be still believing
And my tears as waterfalls
As you have me succumbing

Now I want a chance
'Cause your strength has made me embrace
Our Love, Our Love

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Nothing Lasts Forever, But Together Till Then [I Believe In You] (Kylie Feelings - Part 1)

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For me, the word "believe" is one of the most beautiful in English language (along with "afterglow"). It brings you an implied state of surrendering, because when you believe in someone, you give in to one, as if it now owned some part of you.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comWe all know Kylie's vocals aren't the strongest, but in here, they're replete of beauty and sweetness. She sounds joyful, as the melody sends you to a feeling of peace and, according to the vocals, joy. Scissor Sisters' Jake Shears made one of the most beautiful melodies of 2005 (till now). Its electronic beat combined with a stuning violins arrangement and K's vocals mesmerize us, making us slaves to it and turning the "repeat" function of our cd players into a cosntant. Lyrically speaking, IBIY's structure is very simple but it's content impress. You can simply see it as an average pop/ballad, however its lyrics has an amazing sense of surrendering. As I said before, when you believe in someone, one owns a part of you, and Kylie shows us when she comes to the bridge and declare: "And if you ever have to go away/ Nothing in my world could ever be the same/ Nothing lasts for ever, but together til then/ I'll give you everything I have again and again". Besides that specific part, the chorus is thrilling as well.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI tend to see I Believe In You as a testify of faith. Its denials sounds as explicit affirmations of someone who apparently is out of faith, but in fact believes more than doubts.

IBIY is definitelly an oustanding gem of pop music that hopefully will be remembered for a very long time.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

First Things First

go ... As I emotionally listen to JET's Look What You've Done, and feel its mostly piano-smooth-drums-and-shy-guitar melody turn into a frantic and piercing beat of the bridge, I try to think of the words to explain the main reason I've decided to be back on "blog-world". Actually there's no special reason. I like to write, I'll write, post here and try not to care if people will read it or not.

Definition: This will be a place where I'll post thoughts in general, but mostly I'll try to write reviews (aka personal feelings and impressions) about my favorite CDs, movies, TV-Shows episodes, etc etc.