Saturday, July 29, 2006

Back in Conquista...

Well, this post is just for the sake of posting since nothing really interesting happened here in the meantime.

Last night my family, Mariana and I went to see this play by an actress from Salvador and WOW!! She's a genius!! It was a monologue in which she played three characters, two of them inspired by Isabel Allende's tales. After the play we stayed and chatted with her and she reassured my will to move to Salvador next year.

Later my family and I went to this cozy restaurant we usually go to have dinner. Suddenly comes in a couple. He was gorgeous, blondish hair, white skin and full lips, definitelly my type; she was ok, just and average preppy girl who knows how to dress up. But the thing is: they didn't talk. What's so special about it? Well, they seemed to be in the early relationship [they sat side by side, which is a sign that connection is strong and they can't be apart of each other], but they just muttered random words to each other and played with their respective mobiles. I could not help watching them, first because he was beyond hot and second because the whole situation was rather curious. They were a model of relationship [not trying to be judgemental] I'd run away from. Especially when his cell rang and he talked to a friend for two minutes at most and as soon as he hung up she stormed out in a ridiculous tantrum about how she hated when he answered the cell when they were together. He was very polite and din't reply to her words, but as a quirkyalone I couldn't help annalyzing and bringing it to myself. I just can't imagine myself in a relationship with someone that doesn't talk. I prefer fights than dumb silence! Uhg... who am I fooling, what I mean is: he'd never be in that situation if he were with ME!! But he's stupid straight! LOL

Well [third time I use this word in this post]... Lucas is bored and is looking foward for tonight when he'll see Pirates of Carebean 2. Jonny Depp and Keira Knighthely, YAAY!!

[Song: Mother and Father - Madonna (stuck in my head)]

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Last days in paradise...

As soon as I came back from Inhambupe, Mariana "moved in" with me. Her aunt travelled and she was homeless, so I invited her to stay with me at my cousin's. Well, it was amazing.

Mariana is so vivacious, she's always ready to shake off the laziness, put the feet on the road and go. On Monday we went to Barra [my oficially favorite neighborhood in Salvador] a little bit late - around 3:30pm - so we couldn't go to the beach. We met Alais at the mall and we had some Burger Kings and chocolates at this heavenly candy store and as we left and were ready to go home we met an Alais' friend, João. He was the crap! He had ADD and was always ready to spill silly and meaningless jokes just to call attention, but still we went out with him. He bought [bad] wine and went to his house. I was cool as long as I had free wine and doritos, Mariana was pissed so she relied on the wine and Alais couldn't simply say no to the guy [he didn't make a move on her though]. Alais, Mariana and I domained the conversation and we really didn't care if the guy wasn't getting all... yaaaay, we are the bitches!! When the wines were over and Mariana and I were really tipsy he drove us home and I had two women on my bed!!! Hahaha... as if!

The other day Alais went to work [she's been helping this dumb american to do some medical stuffs in town] and Mariana and I went to the beach. We left around noon and we spent the greatest part of the day in a bus to arrive the place. When we got there we took a long walk on the beach in the search for Alais' aunt's bar, and when we finally gave up we sat down took pics of the marvelous sea, swimed and had marvelous seafood. Later we went to the airport where we bought books [we can't get in a bookstore without buying one at least]. We had a delicious pizza and then I bought this gorgeous red sweater I fell in love with, along with a gift for Juh.

Yesterday we went to the beach again, this time at Barra, where I got part of the tan I wanted. We met Alais who was a bit stressed with her boss. We headed again to the mall where we ate [Burger King ROCKS!!]. Then I met my mom at another mall and when Alais and I were about to see The Break Up, she got the news that her ex-boyfriend's dad was dying and he needed her, so we went home. When I arrived, Mariana had already left to Conquista and I started to pack...

I'm leaving Salvador tonight and I already miss it. So it's decided: I'll live here next year.

[Song: Heartbeat - Annie]

Saturday, July 22, 2006

The OFF Night

How do you feel when two of your dearest friends get together with you for a day out? Well, I was more than thrilled last Thursday!

I met Alais in Barra Mall [a fancy mall in a fancy neighborhood in Salvador] and we had lunch. Later we met Mariana [I SMSed her to meet us there] and we went to a book store to see some tourists guides of Salvador. We decided we'd got to this bar called Las Margaritas, a cute place with mexican food, a wall with Frida Khalo paintings and more than a hundred kinds of margueritas!!!!!!!!!!

Then we left the mall and went to the place where Alais is staying. She is at this hostel filled with HOT tourists, especially gringos!! As soon as we steped in the place we bumpped into a hot Aussie watching TV, upstairs, a huge and tall German coming out of the bathroom and by the time we arrived in Alais' room I was all liquid. We put our stuff into her suitcase and went to the beach. There we had a great time with high school memories, sex life [or lack of it in my case] stories, checking out the hot people and making fun of the hideous ones of course!

So the night came down after a marvelous sunset and we had a cappuccino with cheesecake at a café runned by a hot Itallian. Then we went back to the hostel to get our craps and set things for the later night. As Mariana and I went out, this cute guy came to us, "Are you Brazillians?", we confirmed and he cheered saying was tired of trying to communicate with all those foreign people. We laughed and I noticed he was checking either me or Mariana out.

Later, I arrived at the hostel and we got a SMS from Mariana saying she couldn't make it because there was no bus left from where she was to Barra. I was kinda sad because I wanted her to join us, but in the end I went out with Alais and some people from the hostel, including the cute guy that was checking me out. We headed out to the Off Club!

There we met the guy Mariana was into with another guy [poor girl! Lol] and we sat on a bar before we go into. We met all kinds of gay people and talked about that. I was kinda shy so I remained quiet until Alais and the guys saw a German from the hostel sitting by himself. I went all perky about it cause the first thing I decided to do when I got in Salvador was to kiss a foreign tongue. I started to talk with him, but his English was horrible so we mostly got lost in translation having to be saved by Alais. We all were in doubt if he was gay or not, because he didn't seem like one, but he was in a gay area. So I popped the question and he seemed shocked! It was funny because he really sounded innocent, he didn't even know Madonna was gay icon [the bar was playing the 93:99 DVD] because he ignored her since he's a punk rock fan [of course that was a turn off, but I'd still do him! Lol]. Meanwhile, the guy I was flirting with was talking with a Spanish queeny fairy annoying guy.

We went into the club and Alais and I headed to the bar, ordered two caipirinhas, finished them in few seconds like two good drunkards and headed to the dancefloor. Holy shit!! I had the time of my life!! My ass went up and down all over the dancefloor, we were checked out by everyone and I loved it, of course!! We danced louzy remixes from Beyoncé [Check On It], Tony Braxton [Un-Break My Heart] and Gwen Stefani [What You Waiting For and Rich Girl]. Then we went to the lounge to catch up our breath and we met the hostel guy [ok, it's about time for you to know his name: Marcos] and the Spannish queen. Alais went to the toilette and I talked with them, flirting hard with Marcos. Results: we made out. We made out REAL good!!

His mouth is small and I'm not so keen about small mouths but he's a great kisser, very eager and wild at the same time, but kinda weird. He crushed me onto the wall and put his hands all over my body [I could not miss this one, ho! lol]. Until they played Sorry (Pet Shop Boys Remix)!!!! I just had to leave him and go dance it. I met Alais on the dancefloor dancing and we went crazy and wild!! I did ALL the dance moves I knew. We shook our booties all the way through the dancefloor then I met the guy again, but Alais needed to go home cause she had an appointment in the morning. I asked her 30 minutes.

Okay, let me describe Marcos. He's shorter than me, very cute with a sexy beard and hot arms, BUT small willy as I could feel when I grabbed his crotch [well, I'm a complete slut when I'm up to be one]. He told me his messenger [I tried to memorize it but of course I forgot] we said goodbye and as Alais and I went out they played Isaac!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to dance it!! Alais let me and uhg, you probably know how wild I went!! Right after came My Humps and that was the biggest slutty moment of mine: I went up and down waving my hair, touching my body and grabbing my ass like Fergie, until Alais showed up and we went. On the way out we met Marcos, I smooched him and we stormed out.

Marcos was kinda weird all the time. I had fun though, as he whispered into my ear that he wanted to sleep with me and how he'd be brokenhearted if I left at that moment. Ho, only you how know I loved to hear that! Lol...

I didn't want to come to Inhambupe [where I currently am] but my cousins demanded me here to my aunt's 60th b-day surprise party, so here I am. To summarize: last night I blowed my selfish egocentric cousin. But I don't like to brag about my sex shenanigans!

Yeah right!! Lol...

[Song: Your Honesty - Madonna]

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

"Other cities always make me mad..."

Other places always make me sad
No other city ever make me glad
Except Salvador
I love Salvador
I love Salvador..."

Whenever I'm here and whenever I sing G-d's I Love New York, I sing it like that. This town really inspires me.

I arrived here three days ago [Sunday] by car with my father and his "girlfriend" Rita. She's a marvel!! With an acid and wry humor she did clever jokes during the whole trip. As soon as we entered the city we went straight to the airport where she was to take a plane to Spain!!! I mean, SPAIN!!! Jesus, I was so jealous of her. She's there to a Literature congress and of course: fun! She just told me on the MSN that she watched Carmem yesterday. Yes, the opera!! And I just had Superman!!! [About that later...] At the airport I had sushi (twice) and bought books as usual: Woolf's Mrs Dalloway [Rita recommended the book The Hours, which made me love her even more], Shelley's Frankstein and Shakespeare's King Lear.

On Monday I met my mom. She's thinner and lovely, but still troubled. I wasn't expecting to see her any better, but I got surprised because she's actually okay. Her boyfriend has been supporting and understanding during her dark times. Unfortunatelly the good moments were spoiled by the egos of my father and hers. When she went home I remained at the mall with my dad as we talked about random stuff and I avoided to talk about my mom. I didn't want to be even more upset by inhaling their dramas. So we got a newspaper and saw the good things in town for us to do. I SMSed Mariana and we went to this chic and cozy bar called French Quartier to see a Jazz gig.

Mariana arrived there an hour later. I was already in my second marguerita and the guy playing SUCKED!!! He was a German playing American music in a Bahia bar!! It was like the Tower of Babel, but who-knows-why G-d didn't destroy that one, so I had to rely on the mags to reel in that awful drummer. So the three of us sat there [Lucas having one mag after the other] and talked about everything that came in mind in the best of the stream of consciousness way. 15 mags later [which made my dad mad for it was dang expensive] we were kicked off the bar, cuz it was closing. The night ended with my dad and I buying stuff on a supermarket and walking around lashing our lives [his actually, because I'm a transparent lady with no secrets *cogh-cogh*].

Tuesday morning [1 pm] came up spinning like a record and I had this awful hang over that not even more sushi or Superman cured me. At first we visited this college in which I plan to study next year [yes, I'm thinking in moving up to Salvador]. Then, at the mall, I bugged my father to buy me Nelly Furtado's Loose, that is expensive as hell but I don't care, I gotta have it!! He didn't do it so I got bored and grumpy and after lunch I bought a ticket to watch Superman... alone.

When the lights went down and the advertisements started [uhg we have ads on the theatre before the trailers] this semi-cute guy sat next to me. Of course the bitch in me imagined the sluttiest scenes in the dark room, but the guy turned out to be a mess-maker bringing a picnic to the movies. HUGE turn off since the film's sounds divided attention with his chewing and coke drinking.

But well, when the movie started that classic theme gave me chills!! I really felt moved and excited with that music, but the movie was just ok. Kate Bosworth was dazzling, but her Louis Lane wasn't as sassy and stunning as Hatcher's [which is the one I remember]. Brandon Routh was WOW and HOT, his acting is whatever, but acting isn't exactly important in such movies. However, two people were marvelous. First, James Marsden, always hot, but very subtle as Richard White, Louis' "husband". And second, Parker Posey, as Kitty, Lex Luthor's fuck. She was the fun mood of the movie. Her lines were dummie as expected from a comic book badguy pet-girl but Posey was so full of life and funny with her louzy acting that one could not not love her.

After the movie I ate [more shrimp] and drooled on the cute guys that passed me by and then I asked a Japanese Buda that was being exposed on the mall to bring me a boyfriend. Yes my friends, I got this lame...

Now, I'm here writing it and hoping that my ho logs on before I go off.

[Song: I Love New York - Madonna]

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


The power of romantic comedies... how can I start?

I rewatched Prime yesterday and I felt all its power as if I were seeing it for the first time. Bryan Greenberg and Uma Thurman were way hotter this time (not to mention La Streep), but the movie itself was the sweet thing. The couple's story and path is so sober and real and so to do with the state of mind I'm in.

I hate when I get obsessed about things (liar) but this whole quirkyalone thing has been lifting my mood a lot and Prime is such a quirkyalone movie!! It's subtle, funny and so far away from the romantic crap Hollywood so loves. The soundtrack is delicious and there's no better sceneario for a romantic comedy than New York.

I'm also reading Anaïs Nïn erotic tales and, despite of the straight narration, I'm feeling very inspired by them. Well, this indeed sounded dirty, but the way Nïn describes the sex scenes is so poetic and still explicit and visceral that it touches you in both, sensual and literary way. Hmm... well yes, I'm writing an erotic tale myself as well...

(Song: All Good Things (Come To An End) - Nelly Furtado)

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Three days ago I had my first kiss since Gustavo... And it was strange. Alais introduced me to this funny and interesting friend of hers, Raphael. Raphael wasn't my type, even though I still don't know exactly what is mine, but well... yeah, after 3 hours of Nip/Tuk marathon at Alais', between childhood animal cruelty confessions and lots of laughs, he just turned to me and kissed me.

I felt weird, mechanical, powerless and un-horny because I could only think of one person: Gustavo. As I kissed Ralph, all I thought about was my first kiss with Gustavo and how exciting and edgy it was. But in the other hand I wasn't missing Gustavo or feeling something that we Brazillians call saudade. I was just not as into Ralph as I was into Gustavo and that made me doesn't like the whole thing very much.

The thing is, I'm reading this book called Quirkyalone: A Manifesto for Uncompromising Romantics, about people with unique personalities that doesn't want to date just to follow the estabilishment. Lol... sounded serious, but it's a fun book. I usually refuse the self-help kind of crap reading but this one is really interesting and I'm learning a lot about myself and reassuring things I already knew. So I felt weird because at that moment I wasn't wanting the guy... so it was kind of robotic.

On the following day Alais told me he had a background of getting anyone he wanted to... so I guess I was one more of his conquests to feed the ego (a very cheap and easy one by the way... lol). She also told that he said I was a great kisser... so that was my share of ego food on the tale.

Right after I called my dad to pick me up at Alais' and guess what happens: I ruin his date!!! He was on a date with his girlfriend and my call stopped them to continue whatever they were doing. But they were cool about it and Rita and I finally met. We had dinner at this place called Bistrô with a very French menu (I was in heaven obviously). I had a shot of tequila and taught Rita - a very sarchastic and fun woman - how to drink it and we even made fun of dad!!

Then I lost the gay party I was to go to, but whatever... water under the bridge... On Sunday I chatted with my lovely Ho, who I miss like hell and went to Alais' to watch this movie called Being There, with Peter Selers and Shirley McLaine. I loved it, but still processing it.

Ohh... my lisence arrived!! \o/ I came by car but was so chicken-shited that I brought my sister along so I wouldn't die alone in case of anything happened. Lol...

[Song: Heartbeat - Annie]

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Fear Of Bliss

There's a gay party to go on Sunday or Saturday, I dunno... the thing is, I wanna go, but I'm scared! lol... I know, je suis very lame...

I slept in Alais' last nite to find her dogs love to sleep under blankets, like mine. After a whole night of Angels in America and cuming even more with Mary-Louise Parker's flawless acting and Patrick Wilson's flawles ass... *ahem* and acting as well. Then I woke up with the dogs' carnaval over the maid's arrival and here I am very flattered with my sweet commenter's sweet comments and listening to Kylie.

Ohh... so, I thought that yesterday was a bad day and my hair would be ok today... naah, it sucks and I'm angry with that hideous queer that cut it that way! u_u

Ohh I had weird dreams about desire for ice cream, especially banana split. Maybe I'm pregnant... hehehe... and OMG ho!! Have you seen the H&M pics? Here's one, you'll cum: All of them are so hot in such clothes!! We need them! lol

Uhg... I think that's all for now... I need breakfast and sex... uhg, I always need sex, so it doesn't count...

[Song: Lovin' You - Kylie Minogue]

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hot Aniston

Well... after a motherfucking tiresome trip where the quality of the sleep was the same as if I stayed awake for days (worst than my finals-sleepless-nights) I finally got to Bahia!!

At first, still during the trip, I felt overwhelmed by the fact of returning again to the place that molded me a lot. As I listened to Sarah McLachlan's Hold On/Good Enough set and later Adia on the Mirrorball live album, I didn't stop my tears. After the latest experiences with college, myself and persistant ghosts from the past, to cry was a way of swiming to the ocean's floor and letting the water wash me.

When I got here nothing seemed to bug me anymore. The old spirit that haunted before was again a stupid chill and Marilia's troubles and dramas seemed far away. And were indeed!! Yesterday I met my lovely bitch Alais, my best friend and favorite person in this world, and we gossiped about the most random stuff from Spirituality to people's weaknesses and insecurities, and our own's of course. Later we watched a bit of Angels In America and surely I had multiple orgasms and also Derailed with hot and great Aniston, Owen, Cassel and George.

As for today I woke up to find my new haircut sucks so I'll be using a hat 24/7, afterwards the brand new earplugs from my mp3player died in the middle of the street and it made me so friggin' pissed I just commited an ecological crime by throwing it as further as I could, and now I'm in a very expensive cyber-café to post in here, typing in a hard and old keyboard!! Yaaaay, life's a bitch!! BUT, tonight I'm going to the town's brand new mall and seeing The Break-Up with Aniston and Vaughn.

[Song: Erotica/You Thrill Me - Madonna (I kinda miss dancing it in front of the mirror with Zenaide... too gay to function)]

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Last Post

Lol... that sounded like I'm going to die or worst, I'll go to surgery and they'll cut off my hands and I'll never be able to type again. But it's none of that!! I'm going on holidays in Bahia and I hope to get really relaxed, chilled, happy and laid!! It means that I'll be a while without posting, since I'll have no computer there to do so.

I'm leaving Marilia with a certain charge of bad energy from someone that turned out to be a burden in my evolution. LOL!! That was a BIT drama-queened but the thing is, every time that motherfucker comes into my life I feel angry, hurt and mostly disappointed with myself for feeling like that!!

But you know, FUCK IT!! Craps come to our lives for us to work on them and to then evolve. He and all the anger he brings are just obstacles I have to go through and I will!! Since I'm a very good human being I'll rely on next semester to do everything I didn't do, but was supposed to, on the 1st. Hehehehe...

[Song: Breathe Me - Sia]

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Who Would Say...

That I'd be so excited about soccer? Today, as I had my lunch and watched World Cup's Portugal and England match, I found myself cheering and trembling with anxiety!! I don't care at all about soccer, or any other kind of sport, but lately I've been into it a lot.

Last night I watched a documentary about legendary Brazillian soccer player Pelé, the best athlete of the century. Cinematically speaking it's very louzy and silly, it seems more like a tv show than a film, but uhg, I was dazed with Pelé's moves and the way he played. All the things he invented on soccer and how genius was his game.

Today, Brasil lost and now leaves the World Cup. Most of the country, even being fanatics, recognize the coach's louzy job that had in his hands a genius team and managed to fail with it. No, I won't bore you with soccer talk but I'm actually happy about it cuz now that the panis et circense of the Brazillian stupid was taken away we'll focus on what should be the main attention of this very clever people: the elections.

So, here goes the ode to every politician:
"I don't wanna hear
I don't wanna know
Please don't say you're sorry
I've seen it all before
And I, can take care of myself
I don't wanna hear
I don't wanna know
Please don't say forgive me
I've heard it all before
And I, can't take it anymore"

Yaaay Brasil!! Let's make a carnaval of it and repeat the same mistakes as we have no past to learn from! \o/

[Song: Don't Stop - Madonna]