Sunday, October 30, 2005

I'm Going To Tell You A Secret

To know more, to be more aware of ourselves, to grow and evolve and thus to the power to make a difference. This was the idea that stuck into my mind after finally watching Madonna's new film I'm Going To Tell You A Secret. Yesterday I finished downloading and today I watched all the videos on a row to reassure - not that it was needed - how amazing and beautifully inteligent Madonna is. By witnessing her relationship with dancers, band-members and staff, plus her family and especially with herself, we see how much she grew through all these years.

But the interesting thing is: as a real fan, that pays attention not only to the entertainer-Madonna, but also to the thought-provoking woman that she is since the beginning, it's impossible not to be inspired by this woman's growth. By the end of the movie, you become trully inspired to achieve self-awareness, so we can also be Light and change the world we live in.

I'm Going To Tell You A Secret is a fun and touching movie and is a "must-watch" for every Madonna fan, and I believe a great source of inspiration for everyone. It is a subtle and yet straight wake-up call.

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(Song: Imagine - John Lennon)

Getting over...

Felt like I was rewinding my whole life by reintroducing him into the scenary, but in the end I felt better than I thought I would. I won't lie to anyone, much less to myself: some certain feelings still remain.

Yeah, life's a bitch, especially when we bitch it and sabotage ourselves. This time, once again, I'll let things go with the flow, but I'll try not to get lost of the track.

(Song: X-Static Process - Madonna... The MOST perfect song for the moment...)

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Simchat Torah

Simchat Torah was PERFECT!! I spent the day walking down the streets on a terribly hot day, feeling the breeze on my face while listening to upbeat and happy music, and avoiding all kinds of drama that I or people would or could bring to myself.

At night ma vache (my mom) decided to hang on the computer till 2am. But in the meantime, since I was decided not to let this amazing Kabbalist holiday, in which we're suppose to have fun and feel happy by dancing, laughing and walking in circles to generate Encircling-Light, pass by inadvertent, I put my Re-Invention Tour DVD, by Madonna (aka G-d), and DANCED!!

There I was at 1am: voguing, shaking, waving, bouncing, spinning, whirling, etc etc!! Music and Holiday were done twice each, and by the time I stopped, my whole body was soak in sweat. After a shower, I logged on the MSN and still avoided all kinds of things that would tear my perfect night down.

And well, I don't know if it's normal to feel this way, but while and after dancing, I felt this incredible energy, filled with happiness and good vibrations. I'm really feeling I'll have a wonderful year. I wish things, of course, but I'm sure I'll be comfortable and centered if things end up not working the way I plan.

I promise myself that this forthcoming year will be very well lived!


Songlist of 2005 Simchat Torah:

01. Holiday - Madonna
02. Music - Madonna
03. Into The Groove - Madonna
04. Hollaback Girl - Gwen Stefani
05. What You Waiting For? - Gwen Stefani
06. Luxurious - Gwen Stefani
07. The Real Thing - Gwen Stefani

08. Cool - Gwen Stefani
09. Screwed (Alex G Remix) - Paris Hilton :P
10. Rumors - Lindsay Lohan
11. Bucky Done Gun - M.I.A.
12. Gallang - M.I.A.
13. Over To You Now - Britney Spears
14. Chaotic - Britney Spears

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

J.K. Rowling delivered us the saddest book of the series, and the saddest book I've read so far. Of course I won't spoil it by telling what happens, but the 6th Harry Potter gets you hooked since the very beginning (which thankfully has very little of the Muggle part of the history), till the very last word, ripping out from you hurtful tears by the things that happen. Never a book has let me so sad as this one.

J.K. Rowling is a genious.... Can't wait for ther last book!!

PS: Missing the Honduran Salope!!

(Song: Autobiography - Ashlee Simpson)

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Stupid Brain!

Sometimes I wish I was those stupid dumbasses who do stupid stuff and don't notice...

Actually, I don't think I did stupid stuff!! This is me and I've been like that since forever!! FUCK IT!!! All I want is vacation!!! Come December!!!!

(Song: Mobile - Avril Lavigne)

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Holly Shit!! Not again...

Yesterday was Nathalia's birthday and I spent the whole day with her. She was kinda sick and I was there making her company on a gloomy birthday. I introduced her the album version of Hung Up and some other cool music, such as Britney's Chaotic and Kylie's Fever. We talked about music in general, high hopes on Madonna's upcoming album, art, school, in the end we had a nice time. But I had only one thing in mind while I was with her: to plant my lips on hers. This urge is not new, so I kept my cool.

But it kept me pondering. Because I don't want to feel infatuated again. I don't want the heart-racings, nor the anxiety, much less the anticipation to be around someone. I'm ok with my loneliness and I don't want again be hooked by someone who will not respond my feelings.
But still, yes, I wanna make out with her!!!

(Song: Ainda Bem - Vanessa da Mata)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


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It's weird when you have someone depending on you when your living so well your liberty. No, I did not adopted a child, though sometimes I feel as though I did.

I know sometimes people link their needs to others (wether people or things). I don't believe it's a right way to live, so I don't do it, but not everybody has such consciousness. The thing is, sometimes I get impatient when I'm the one who receives all the stream of necessities.

If you're not feeling ok with yourself, you cannot expect people to fulfuill you. Besides, it's not a healthy thing to tranfer to people your needs, especially because one, they have no obligation to assist you, and two, you'll never feel satisfied anyway.

So, independence is the way to go!! Improve your life with your own tools!

By the way, this week we're supposed to feel happy!! To be ourselves and have fun in the world!! Be cool, goofy, dance around and listen to our favorite tunes!! \o/ So, I'm ALL about HUNG UP!!!! Madonna's new track is absolutelly perfect for let go and have fun!!

(Music: MADONNA - HUNG UP!!!!!... also, Kylie - Body Language.)

Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Constant Gardener

Well, I just came here to express how much I loved this film. With outstanding acting performances by Ralph Fiennes and luminous Rachel Weisz, thrilling cinematography, great script and genious directing, my Brazillian fellow Fernando Meirelles made the best film of the season so far.
All those excruciating minutes enduring a bunch of annoying 11-year-old girls with change truouble on the tickets-line were worth it.

(Song: Breakway - Kelly Clarkson)

Saturday, October 15, 2005

São Paulo Days...

Since I stayed most of the week in the great city without posting, I'll try to sum these amazing days in a brief journal.

October's 8th, Saturday

I was supposed to arrive at my dad's at 6am, but I arrived an hour earlier. And since I'm a good and nice nerd, I came straight to the computer to... to... it doesn't really matter cuz I Lucas without a computer is useless Lucas. Anyways, after surfing on Madonna's message board, of course, and waiting for Flavia, who delayed to come, I went to bed, cuz even after a huge cup of coffee during the trip, I still needed to sleep. (By the way, I love my dad and loved to see him again...)
I woke at 11am and took a shower and me and my dad went to the mall. São Paulo is this cosmopolitan multi-cultural metropolis, where we can find all sort of things to do, since shopping in amazing and fancy stores to making out with unknown at Ibirapuera's Park (no I didn't do that). But still, the best place to go (at least for me) is the mall. We went to this one closer to our home, which I love, called Villa-Lobos. There I had a Big Mac with french-fries and milk-shake as lunch (my favorite McDonald's meal!) and realized I was bored of it... lol. AND OH DEAR!! São Paulo's men are the hottest ever!!

October's 9th, Sunday

We went to Villa-Lobos again. I bought British edition of Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince (reading and loving it). After spending hours in Cultura Bookstore, seeing books and cds, we went to the cinema, where we were supposed to watch Bewitched. But since my dad didn't like it that much and I wasn't so excited to see it anymore, we decided to watch The 40 Year Old Virgin. *turn Janice voice on* OH MY G-----D!!! It was simply the BEST comedy I've watched in years!! I didn't stop laughing from 1st minute till the genious 1979's musical Hair parody final sequence. The film is more than a dumb American comedy like Scary Movie and Not Another Teen Movie. It has substantial and clever jokes, and sex is just the tip of the iceberg of a plot that can be a very good and funny essay about growing up and being mature.
Ohh!! I had real disappointments on people I admired, after a ill-intentioned and stupid thread on Madonna's forum. But thankfully I was really over a ghost that had been haunting me the last few days. And this day had a reassuring mood after some good revelations and open-ups. I LOVE LIFE!!

October's 10th, Monday

I've no idea what happened this day! lol

October's 11th, Tuesday

I debuted my new blog where I'll right reviews for my favorite cds.
CD Bitch (and Jose you bitch, you better read my reviews! I promoted you to my fucking editor!)

October's 12th, Wednesday

I was mad, cuz my stupid Bunny gnawed a bit of my precious book (I just sounded like Gollum! U_U)!! I deserted him for life! (Nah, I still love him! :P) But...
HOLIDAY!! CELEBRATE!! It was Children's Day here and we went to this place called Radio Atual. It was a Northern stronghold, where I ate one of my favorite Brazillian cuisine's dish: Sarapatel. Don't even ask me to describe it. It was delicious, but the heat was killing me. Not only São Paulo's men are hot, its climate is horribly hot!! I was almost fainting. So what do you when you're really hot? You refresh yourself in a fresh place with air conditioner. Where to find such place on a holiday? THE MALL!! And of course, we went to Villa-Lobos again.
We spent severeal hours again stuck in Cultura Bookstore until we decided to go to the movies. And we tried to see something else, but we couldn't resist to review The 40 Year Virgin. The second time is even better than the first!! (yes, I just made a sex joke, and you better laugh at it! ;) ).
The day was also amazing, because I had a friend opening her chest to me. I love her to death, and no matter what she does I'll still love her.
Ahhhh!! I purchased Kylie Minogue's 2002 album, Fever!! It's supposed to be on my hands tomorrow (Saturday).

October's 13th, Thursday

All these days, I was supposed to meet a friend from Madonna's Forum. Rafael, my doable friend, as me and Jose call him, is a very sweet guy who would take me to my very 1st experience on a gay club. Well, I chicken-shitted and my dad helped not to go at all, cuz he didn't let me get a bus at night, since our neighboorhood isn't exactly "Wisteria Lane" under the darkness.
At daylight I was supposed to go to Paulista Avenue, but then I got lazy and just went to the nearest supermarket to do some shopping. I bought 3 amazing cds, Kylie's last year's geniousness Body Language, Alanis' last year's fiasco So-Called Chaos and her current-year piece of art Jagged Little Pill Acoustic. You can read my reviews for them at my CD Bitch blog.

October's 14th, Friday ("TODAY")

Well I was also to go to Paulista Avenue, but Hung Up didn't let me leave home. It has been FUCKING hot in here the whole day and I almost killed myself due to it (*drama queen mode on*)!!
At night, me and my dad went to a Jazz concert at, where?, Villa-Lobos Mall (it's already my second home in São Paulo)!! OMG!! This concert worthed my whole week in here. Jazz is the purest and best kind of music in the world. When you attend to a Jazz concert, you'd feel like the instruments have lives of their own, if their players weren't so cool and fun to watch. I really cannot understand how someone can call Jazz as a bore. It's the same of calling music a bore!! I also bought Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway and I'm still amazed by it! Kelly is an AMAZING performer and she's definitelly came to stay and have a long career!! Since U Been Gone is an anthem!!
PS: I indeed called my "date" with my doeable friend off. Well, I hope we can do that next time I come to this "paradise".

Well, this is it for now! Tomorrow I'll do my good-bye visit to Villa-Lobos, since it's my last full day here and we'll watch the anticipated (by me at least) movie: The Constant Gardner. And of course, my Fever album will arrive!!! \o/

Friday, October 14, 2005


Holly shit!! Madonna's upcomming single, Hung Up, leaked and I can't stop listening to it!! It's AMAZING!! And it'll be a delicious smash hit!! For those idiots who said she was old and rotten!!

The song is to be released on October's 17th, Monday, and Warner are threatening who spread the song via email, blog, forums or whataver. Ok, I won't put a download link here, but I won't stop listening to it until... until... who knows!! The track is damn good!!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

São Paulo

Every time I come to this town I feel uplifted and alive. This time isn't different. A week before I was already counting down the hours and now here I am. I feel like I'll have a marvelous week!

(Song: Dia Especial - Shakira)