Monday, December 24, 2007

The Songs Of 2007

2007 itself was really crappy in music. Obviously I didn’t ignore music this year, I just wasn’t tapped into current music when most of the music that hooked me was released before 2007, which made my pre-lists very rich. So, although it wasn’t so hard to know which artists and songs would make it, it was hard for me to restrict them to only ten songs; then I decided to do a top 20. Last year I divided the list in fields but now I’m just too lazy for that and just separated them in two: the first part with brief comments and the second with longer and more elaborated ones. There are ties, which yeah ho was a way for me to shove more songs into the list; but what can I do, I dig on ‘em!
I have Samba and a lot of Indie stuff here, like a Canadian belle with the smoothest of voices, an androgynous Brit with one of the most wonderful voices and a filmstar turned rockstar with a fun-to-hear voice; alongside with the good’ol’ mainstream Pop. Dance music makes itself very present with a firmed G-d and a new Diva [to me], and a new G-d is raised on my altar, even though she’s not so keen on G-d.

The Bubbling-Under:
20. "Like A Star" by Corinne Bailey Rae
The song of lonely moments...
19. "Crippled And The Starfish" by Antony And The Johnsons
I have pleasure to say I’ve seen him playing it live!!!
18. "Tema de Não Quero Ver Você Triste" by Erasmo Carlos e Marisa Monte
One of the most romantic songs you will ever hear.
17. "20 Year Old Lover" by Juliette And The Licks
The monologue by the end makes me cum a million cums.
16. "Ever Fallen In Love" by Nouvelle Vague
Foreign Bossa Nova/Samba – you can be sure I’ll gladly listen.
15. "Amado" by Vanessa Da Mata
One of the most romantic songs you will ever hear – part deux.
14. "Get Naked (I Got A Plan)" by Britney Spears
Delicious self-indulgent songs from Tinseltown’s ex-Pop Princess and now promising stripper. YAAAAY!! And LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!!
13. "Divine Gosa" by Bonde Do Rolê
Crazy and funny lyrics combined with Carioca funk and Eletronic and Rock elements. Count me in!!
12. "Os Novos Yorkinos" by Bebel Gilberto
Me and my friends’ theme. We turn this small shitty town [Conquista] into New York.
11. "Don’t Look Back" by Télépopmusik
A perfect trip hop love song. Angela McCluskey’s voice is beyond lovely.

Top 10:

10. "Don’t Stop The Music" by Rihanna
I still think her voice is awful, but man, what awesome music this woman made this year!! From the Micheal Jackson sample to the exciting background claps.
- "Friday Night" by Lily Allen
Allen’s drunken nights and fights in clubs really made my fun early in the year.

9. "Rehab" by Amy Winehouse
Early in the year this was a fever, I loved it to death; now it bores me. But I chose it to the top 10 because it’s a good picture of this decade’s culture. I mean, it was released last year but it was still all over the place in early 2007; but now, it feels like it’s a hundred years old. Things are very ephemeral lately; every week is a new technology, a new fashion, the best rock band of all times… kinda boring right?

8. "HeadTurner" by Joss Stone
The songs from Stone's third album swayed my early year; HeadTurner, the slut song – as the ho and I call it, - is my favorite from the album, because it makes me feel like a natural ho. Another song from her album that made me cum this year was Bruised But Not Broken – but I chose “Turner” instead because of the not depressive tone.

7. "Wuthering Heights" by The Puppini Sisters
The Puppini Sisters were my ultimate gay delight… okay there was Rihanna, but you know what I mean: three beautiful women playing vintage music and wearing 1930’s looks – and one of them is Italian, hello!!
Playing Jazzed Pop hits they are all I love about artists: fun, competent and poser. And the things they did to the songs are wonderful, listen to their I Will Survive and The Smiths’s Panic. But to feature here is their mesmerizing version of Kate Bush’s classic, Wuthering Heights. The harmonized vocals, the theatrical performance, the arrangements make me shudder with excitement as I behold delicious reinventions.

6. "Hands On Me" by Vanessa Carlton
I’ve always loved Nessa Carlton and suddenly one day I woke up with this song’s demo version on my mind and remembered her third album was to be released. The album was reviewed here a while ago, but this is definitely my favorite song.
It's so romantic in a kind of bitter way, having a Carlton singing about an obsessive behavior towards a romance. Sounds familiar? Lol.
There they go climbing Tibetan mountains and crossing deep oceans, when they actually never met yet. And in the end when you think it's obsession enough, she goes and begs “just put your hands on me!” This desperation is both sweet and funny; and considering how Carlton has always been very centered on her love songs, I can't help loving such sarcasm.

5. "One Evening" by Feist
“When we started, both brokenhearted. Not believing, could begin and end in one evening.” Isn’t it the dream of everyone who ventures in dates and one-night-stands? The delicious thing of the song, however, is the fact she keeps herself very grounded on the following verses.
Feist became an instant sensation on my playlists; the same happened with Saint Etienne last year and Feist’s folk quality brings a sort of cynical Indie aura to me. The whole Indie movement is kind of a bore, especially because most Indies think they’re better than anyone because they love unmainstreamed things [even if they’re now the mainstream]. But Feist is thrilling with her soothing voice and wonderful way of arranging music. She’s nomed as Best New Artist from the Grammies, for this year’s The Reminder; but her solo career start is dated from 1999… that was so Indie of me. *hehehe*

4. "Belo Estranho Dia De Amanhã" by Roberta Sá
Although she's the only Brazilian Music representative on the top 10, for a period this year I have been addicted to samba and MPB. Roberta Sá was the main star of that phase; early in the year I got addicted to her first album and a while later her sophomore was released and what a marvel it is.
Bringing samba to a closer and more modern reality, on the Que Belo Estranho Dia Pra Se Ter Alegria album she proved herself as an exquisite performer and musician by showing she knows how to choose a repertoire. In both of her albums she sang songs by unknown artists releasing new composers on the market, or songs by already firmed writers but that are so rare that are practically new.
The song I chose is a delicious love song about forgetting all life’s troubles and stress and tapping to the simple and serene side of everything. By listening to it I long for such a love, one that makes me smile; better yet, it brings me hope that one day it’ll come along.

3. "In My Arms" by Kylie Minogue
The other day the ho and I came to the conclusion that we were never let down by Miss Minogue. Ever since I became a fan there was nothing from this woman’s creative and delicious mind that made me stick up my nose.
This year, after a delightful treat with White Diamond and the Showgirl Homecoming we had the excitement of having leaked some tracks from the new studio album. In My Arms came to me like a thunderbolt full of joy and hope. No longer kicking depression with dancing, this time she was coming filled with self-assurance and happiness.
Although it’s become tacky [but still is very common] mentioning her cancer every time she’s the subject, I can’t help saying that probably what she went through put her in a happier line in what it comes to her lyrics. Another track from her latest album, The One, is beyond romantic but in the end she goes and says “I’m the one, love me”, instead of “why’d you leave to find yourself, I can’t dance with no one else.”
Kylie’s top 5:
a. In My Arms
b. Please Stay
c. The One
d. Sensitized
e. Disco Down

2. "Today The Sun’s On Us" by Sophie Ellis-Bextor
One morning in Salvador I woke up with Murder On The Dancefloor pumping into my head and had an epiphany: “hey, I don’t know much about Sophie Ellis-Bextor!” Nah it was not so theatrical, I simply got up and decided to download her discography after I saw a comment about Catch You on a blog. From the moment I started listening to her music and studying her career I knew I was a fool for having neglected such wonderful and genius artist.
With elaborate and joyous beats Ellis-Bextor has a Minogue quality when she comes with dark lyrics combined with ingenious dance hooks and layers [give a try on Move This Mountain from her debut album, or The Walls Keep Saying Your Name from her sophomore]. But when she gets optimistic as in Today The Sun's On Us she's heartwarming and bright. I lost track of how many times this song lifted me up from depressive moods and dark times.
Sophie’s top 5:
a. Today’s The Sun’s On Us
b. If I Can’t Dance
c. The Walls Keep Saying Your Name
d. I Won’t Change You
e. New York City Lights

1. "Wanderlust" by Björk
Despite the fact that she’s the most ubiquitous artist of my year [just check out my] and that this was the year I became a die-hard fan, it’s this track from her latest studio effort, Volta, that best defines my life and behavior in 2007. I last year moved to Conquista in the high hopes to move to Salvador; and after six unhappy months in Salvador I returned to Conquista. And engaging myself in planed or last-hour trips I’ve come to know places and have a bunch of experiences that fulfilled me in ways that were very new to me.
This song, with its sometimes scary brass section became a hymn to my new desire during my trip to Rio de Janeiro. Sometimes putting comfort aside and following intuition, I’ve come to see and feel things that pushed my own nature and brought self-awareness and reinvention. This song is definitely the best way to describe a fully colourful 2007.
Björk’s top 6*:
a. Wanderlust
b. Bachelorette
c. Unravel
d. Isobel
e. Possibly Maybe
f. Dull Flame Of Desire [with Antony]
*because I couldn’t help it.

Honorable [very late] mentions:
- Once Soundtrack
The one movie this year that touched me to the core. Every and each song of its soundtrack makes me teary eyed, but indisputably romantically hopeful. Highlights are: Falling Slowly, When Your Mind’s Made Up and Lies.
- "No One" by Alicia Keys
For me “No One” felt like a one-day wonder, one morning more specifically.
- "What Goes Around… Comes Around" by Justin Timberlake
Justin “Hot” Timberlake was very present early in March – but what comes around…
- "Thinking About You" by Norah Jones
Somehow she’s always around during my year.
- "Lenda" by CéU
Genius experimental Brazilian music. CéU has the voice of an angel combined with fierceness of a woman not afraid to try new things.
- "Grace Kelly" by Mika
Alright, he is beyond annoying now, but I really enjoyed him back in May.

The Songs Of 2005
The Songs Of 2006

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Celluloid Women

Here are the top 6 movie women that made my year marvelous in different ways.
6. Anna Scott [Julia Roberts - Notting Hill]
There she is, the greatest star in the world; maybe the face we all can't forget. And out of nowhere she gets in an unattractive travelbooks shop and lives are changed. This marvelous modern Cinderella story made me cry unashamedly on some of the darkest days of the year. Roberts' performance was both heartbreaking and lightful, portraying the poor celebrity with marvelous dignity. If in the past I felt more like Hugh Grant's character, today I'd be definitely Miss Scott - hyped but unloved. The beauty of the movie lies on the feeling of possibility that fills the air as you watch it. As Björk would say "all is full of love... your doors are shut."
5. Regina George [Rachel McAdams - Mean Girls]
"This girl is the nastiest skank bitch I've ever met. Do not trust her. She is a fugly slut!"
Those who had seen the movie know what I'm talking about. But for the newbies I'd start with "Regina George is flawless", not because she really is, but because she knows she is and parades it! From all the evil self-indulgent bitches out there, Regina George is the most fun of them. With a notable beauty she goes beyond the hot shallow High School queen, becoming an archetype of a human phase. Of course there is some exaggeration on Tina Fey's genius script, but this girl is real, she's everywhere and [believe it or not] on every age field.
Of course that most of Regina's charm is due to McAdams's performance; you can see she's having the time of her life as the blonde adolescent who thinks she's the cherry on the top of the sundae. Her jargons and laidback confidence match adoringly with her [mostly] subtle meanness. As Janis says "she's a life ruiner", but as Cady says "she's like de Barbie doll I never had."
The best quality of Elle Woods is that she is good! "She may seem like your typical selfish, back-stabbing slut faced ho-bag"... but wait a minute, that's the #5! Elle Woods is GOOD!! She's sweet, helpful, devoted and hardworker. That's why you totally don't understand why that ugly-piece-of-shit Warner Huntington III breaks up with her. "You're breaking up with me because I'm too blonde?"
Further on we end up reassuring ourselves that breaking up with Elle was the best thing Warner could do to her, because she then created one of the best icons of this century so far. The way her triviality is never judged and is actually sweetened makes you adore her right away and hate those who mistreat her.
Besides, she's a twisted feminist icon, funnily competing with Enid, the lesbian activist from the same film; although she follows the preppy blonde stereotype, she's the reinvention of the feminist one. But above a feminist, Elle is a humanist! The best thing I learned with her was to have faith in people. As she'd say "you might be surprised."

3. Miranda Priestley [Meryl Streep - The Devil Wears Prada]
"Do you know why I hired you? I always hire the same girl- stylish, slender, of course... worships the magazine. But so often, they turn out to be- I don't know- disappointing and, um... stupid. So you, with that impressive résumé and the big speech about your so-called work ethic- I, um- I thought you would be different. I said to myself, go ahead. Take a chance. Hire the smart, fat girl. I had hope. My God. I live on it. Anyway, you ended up disappointing me more than, um- more than any of the other silly girls."
That's the worst thing you could hear from you boss right? Yup, we agree and there'll be no punchline here. Alright, I'm kidding! All I have to say is that no one could've said those lines better than La Streep with her Oscar-worthy performance as the most evil of the bitches: Miranda Priestley.
I'd say that she and Regina George are my favorite movie bitches, but what makes Miranda #1 is the fact that she's got reasons to be how she is; George is just a conceited teenager that is funny, hence we love her. But Miranda uses her meanness to keep herself where she is, on the top; and if she were a man everyone would say she's just doing her job, as Andy would say to defend her. The thing is that, despite the headeater behaviour, Priestley is a fine and perfect example of the modern executive women; and since we're keen to feminism, she's highly praised. That's all.
2. Lizzie Bennet [Keira Knightley - Pride & Prejudice]
Okay, I've written a million posts about this film and my Lizzie Bennet adoration. So, I'll limit myself in saying that the second Miss Bennet is still my favorite female character and that Keira is my favorite this-generation actress. I'm so damn happy she's got a Globe nod; I don't think she'll get an Oscar one, but I'm sure we'll have delicious red carpet moments!!
1. Bridget Jones [Renée Zellweger - Bridget Jones's Diary]
"Bridget Jones, wanton sex goddess, with a very bad man between her thighs... Dad... Hi."
I loved talking about my Bridget devotion. But right now I lack inspiration! This year I've become her by drinking vodka at home and mourning the broken heart with tearjerking songs. But indeed I've said so much about Bridge that I'll just leave it for the ho this time.
"So beyond good and evil with me, that now I'm careless about being a spinster and a lunatic, if my life can be carried with at least half the joi de vivre with which Bridget carries hers. It also left me craving a snow filled make out session."
"Whenever I'm having a rainy day, it instantly makes me feel better."
"Behold as Renee Zellweger creates a cultural icon."
[Song: The Weather - Patrick Wolf]

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Personality Of The Year: Starlight

If this weren't the year of the Björk advent in my life, the previous post would definitely be about the woman who proved she has the force with her.
I more than promise not to turn this into a wow-she-beat-cancer blablabla, but it's inevitable to talk about this woman's strength without mentioning it. But I believe that in Kylie Minogue's case, although cancer will always have a way scarier tone than anything else, overcoming it wasn't the one prove of her strength. Anyone who knows her history knows that the force has been with her ever since she started.
It was there when she left PWL and looked for greener and freer pastures in Deconstruction; it was there when the greener pastures got a bitter taste and she moved for Parlophone, where she spinned around and we couldn't get her out of our heads. So, after the initial shock of hearing about that breast tumor I knew that the years of 2006 and 2007 would naturally come.
[Minogue in a display of strength back in the 80's: anyone who survived that hair would overcome even cancer.]
In 2007 the anticipated album X came out teasing the fans. In June some things started to leak everywhere on the Web and that gave us a delightful insight of what was to come by year's end. Differently from any-crap-else that had been leaking at the same while [hi Madonna!], Kylie's tracks were filled with electrified beats in the best Eletro-Pop/Rock style. But the interesting thing was that lyrics-wise she was coming with an unusual approach: optimism. Not shallow and The-Secret-slash-Oprah-esque one, but subtle and poetic good vibration.
And then, in [really] early November The Kylie Show was aired and she proved the rest of the world she knew how to pull a show, even better: she still can do it. We fans were more than used to it, after all we followed every step of the Showgirl Homecoming; but regardlessly, we were dazed by the beautiful work that little TV show was. Instead of doing a simple new-single-celebration gig, she homaged the grandiose TV bashes from the likes of Judy Garland and Sonny And Cher, as she mentioned.
Entertainment, parody, comedy, music, millions of cultural references, but above all an impeccable production, she kicked [one more time] the balls of the boneheads who insist to claim she has no talent, competence and depth. The sketches were genius with the sweet Minogue playing a bitchy diva Minogue, but the tone was so jocose that it felt like she was saying "if I were a bitch, at least I'd be a fun one". As for the musical numbers... I can't say much about them, for if you ever get interested you should run on YouTube and search for the marvels that are Tears On My Pillow, The One, I Believe In You and Sensitized. [Or obviously just click the links.]

[2007, Minogue riding the X bull showing the strength of her figures, as we're riding all the way to bonner-land.]

And then finally came the album with those beautiful pictures and artwork, bringing the 1980's back in a way that felt more glamorous than simply imitative, as the ho said on his review: "Kylie Minogue's tenth studio album sounds as if someone travelled to the 8os, made a record with twenty first century knowledge and came back to show us how brilliant futuristic retro can be. It is a celebratory experience of a woman who has made it through two decades in the music business, survived cancer and has never lost the will to make pop masterpieces."
And, by the end of this year if you look back and see how much have been accomplished by this woman only in these twelve months you still will be surprised to know that there's an upcomming world tour next year. Wait a minute, will you? I would only be if among the venues were the Maracanã.

[Song: Stars - Kylie Minogue]

Friday, December 14, 2007

The Year Of The Bird: ...Getting To The Core

"The inner or deep part of an animal or plant structure."
Back in 2004 I had downloaded a recently relased album, by an eccentric artist from a quite unspoken European country. Few of her discography and history was known by me, who was simply enjoying the different and quirky sensations those fourteen songs used to bring me. Those weird vocals and dark uncommon beats really captivated me; until I made the mistake of wanting to know more about that unfamiliar woman by turning to her fanbase.
I've always believed that the musical experiences, though being so grand that should be shared, are innitially personal. Doesn't matter if you hear people's opinions about an art, in the very end it will be your feelings and intuition about it that will define your position towards that craftwork. But sometimes you turn to people for the sake of sharing and exchanging, and you might find yourself not prepared for that yet.
In 2004 it traumatized in a way that made me ignore the woman's art for the following two years, until I decided to mature about it and revalue my impressions. I did it in my best investigative style and by the end of 2006 I downloaded her main discography [the albums and the released greatest hits].
So in 2007 it was sort of inevitable that a new G-d would be hailed on my altar. Paraphrasing another G-d's song "the bird has flown," and it was up to me to follow her trace and know her upcoming and previous paths.
The more I digged in, the more fascinated by her sense of naturalness and deepness I would become. From all of her works, I had started with the most "serious" and "dark", the one that was most likely to disappoint me because of its inconvenience; so I was surrended by the Bird's beautiful feathers and wings, but mostly by her straight flights to the core of everything and her voice. Her proposals of profundity and philosophical search for the beggining of things fascinated me more and more.
But the most important part of it all, was that it inspired me. Inspired me not only to do my own quest for inner structure of everything in life, but to share it with the ones around me. Discoveries are meant to be shared, if not they lose their power and beauty: "let's open up, share!" In the end "peel[ing] of the layers, until you get to the core" was a mantra that would possess me throughout the year. But it was the urge to share it that made me seek and keep looking for the Bird's name: Isobel, Charlene, Mother Oceania...
[Song: Wanderlust - Björk]

Thursday, December 13, 2007


In a very considerable time a movie and its soundtrack didn't let me so immersed and in love with it. Probably the last time it happened was with Pride & Prejudice and Prime. But this little indie movie called Once grabbed my by the balls and the following words are stuck to my head; for nothing in particular, just because they and their melody are simply beautiful.
"You're moving too fast for me
And I can't keep up with you
Maybe if you slowed down for me
I could see you're only telling
Lies, lies, lies
Breaking us down with your
Lies, lies, lies
When will you learn"
[Song: Lies - Glen Hansard]

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Forgotten Item

I said that I would forget something and I did... and I did forget probably the most stupendous thing that happened this year.
17. Rio de Janeiro
A million shits happened before it but in the end turned out to be the best trip I did to date. I spent a week at the city we call "Cidade Maravilhosa" and almost everything I've heard about it was confirmed. The smart and funny people, the hot weather, the breathtaking sights, the hot men... all was there for me to see and drool on. And the violence, the thing people warned me the most, wasn't a bit close to anywhere I went; not the Rio is a safe place, I guess I just went lucky.
I made nice friends there and hung around with Alais at beautiful historic and modern places: Santa Teresa, Laranjeiras and Lapa, the artistic neighborhoods; Copacabana and Ipanema, the place with the hottest shirtless people; Leblon, the fanciest place I've been; Cinelândia and the old downtown, the most charming neighborhoods I've seen so far.
Also in Rio I saw live one of my favorite singers, Roberta Sá [brunette on the pic] in a pocket-show that felt like a true carioca event: close-to-people but very glamorous and hype. The connection between the audience and Sá was inevitably delicious, considering the stage was actually part of the dancefloor separated for the band. She played favorites such as Mais Alguém, A Vizinha do Lado and Samba de Um Minuto; but the highlight was when she sang Fogo E Gasolina looking straight at me!!!! I died a million deaths at that singular moment. Later, after the show, I and Alais went backstage for autographs and pictures; Roberta was nice and gentle and signe the hundred autographs I was charged to ask.
Next year she's going to Salvador. I hope it's not in Carnaval, because my wanderlust will take me to the farthest place till then: Rome!
[Song: Mais Alguém - Roberta Sá]

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Highlights

Hereby I list the best moments of a very good and rollercoaster-esque year. [It's not in importance order.]
On the very first day of the year I lost my brand new cell phone and got really stressed. But I didn't let it get me down, and appreciated the fact I was camping for the first time and having mostly a good time with one of my best friends.
Purki, Nalim, Naiara, Bel, Mônada, Marco, Tcheus... later in the year: Loli, Ana Clara, Diego... amazing friends I've come to bond with, cherish and love most dearly. From drunk nights at deserted roads to fun time at motel jacuzzis, these guys made my year wonderful.
I don't wanna talk about him... do you wanna hear about him? Well, if you do just click there.
4. The Heartbreak
Gave me dreadful moody days but it didn't kill me, which means it made me stronger.
The place I desired last year and the one I ended up despising this year. Nah, that's too dramatic, I don't despise it - but figured it wasn't exactly the place for me... at least not now.
I spent six good months learning a lot and having fun with lovely people. But the best thing UFBA gave me was the assurance I didn't want to study Literature. Don't get me wrong, I still love it - but there I realized that my calling is Journalism. So here we go again...
7. Nave
The wonderful Indie party that makes me dance from 10PM to 7AM!!
8. Nina
The one I miss the most in Salvador.
9. Björk
Comments on her later.
The first semester was lived as a Bridget Jones reenactment. I spent days locked indoors stupidly mourning a broken heart, drinking vodka, smoking like a chimney and watching depressive movies. The first Bridget Jones were once watched everyday of a certain week; Moulin Rouge and Notting Hill made me cry like never; and Pride And Prejudice is the one movie that makes me cum and cry at the same time. In the end it seems ironic to call such depression as highlight, but they inspired me to write abundantly on this blog.
The commemoration of Kylie's 39th birthday took form here as a successful week of posts about the Aussie G-d. Some of them were written by four hands [the ho's and mine] and all of them were delicious things to do.
12. The Ho's absence
Cos it made me love and cherish him even more.
13. Moving back to Conquista
Returning to where you started from isn't exactly decaying. Living alone in Salvador made me appreciate even more the moments I have with people; missing human touch and care made me see the many faces of loneliness... sometimes they're like Renée Zellweger or Keira Knightley or Julia Roberts or Audrey Hepburn. But surely they sound like Possibly Maybe and Unravel.
14. Getting high
Well, I know it's politically incorrect to list it, but I had wonderful moments under influence...
15. The wanderlust
I travelled a lot this year, more than ever. And I'm just getting started...
16. Alais
The girl with a wanderlust bigger and older than mine that I never get tired of running after.
And I'm probably forgetting something... but surely I all I do is thanking - these things definitely put me in a better place.
[Song: All Is Full Of Love - Björk]

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Close To The End

As December flies desperatedly I realize I must start moving my ass around my year auto-analysis. The dramas, the things to praise and thank for, the music, the movies.
I'll quickly start with the movies - I decided to download the Oscar buzzed movies and the first is indie musical-drama Once. I downloaded the soundtrack earlier this week and despite its very Damienriceness I don't feel suicidal when I listen to its songs. A couple days ago I saw the trailer and it gave me chills, so I'm already anticipating the screening.
[Song: Gatekeeper - Feist]

Friday, December 07, 2007

Declare Independence

Shabby video considering the two genius involved; but still one of the best songs of the year.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Yesterday after I left the beauty parlor for a hair straightening session I stopped at a traffic light and a little girl approached the car window to sell a candy [very common thing in this country and soon-to-become in this town]. When she looked at me she starred kind of startled and asked "you man or woman?"
In other circumstances I'd play the bitch and turn my face away. But instead of [evil] infantile sass, in her eyes laid a sweetness and a honesty that left me speechless, remaining only a smile as remark.
I then realized this current androgyny of mine kind of pleases me. Firstly If it didn't I'd have thrown it away long time ago. Then I think that somehow it suits well my personality, since my thoughts are rarely sterotyped with society[ies] tendencies and free to change and take new forms. Your hair is the first physical sign of your way of thinking; when people see my long hair and its irregular haircut, the initial shock gives place to the thought of weirdness; which honestly is what I seek adopting such looks. Dressing and wearing your hair differently from the rest of people don't make you any different if you don't think and behave differently: every external change must come from internal ones to have depth.
So now, I sort of resent not having bought that girl's candy, because she kind of switched on such reflection in me. But thankfully life's crazy, maybe I'll end up meeting her another time.
[Song: Fumbling Towards Ecstasy - Sarah McLachlan]