Friday, March 28, 2008

Hey Shorty...

...It's your birthday
We're gonna drink Bacardi like
It's your birthday...

It IS my birthday!! And 50 Cent dressed up and came as a nice boy to congratulate me - but of course he wasn't invited to the party, he'll die trying.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pissing On Love

After I watched Jules et Jim, by the magnanimous François Truffaut, I started to think more fiercely about romantic relationships and how our perceptions of it are filled with conceptions infused in the genral speech ever since we start to get interested by knowledge.
I'm the guy who never had a real relationship for more than a week, or only the one who thought that was having. So, what could I say about relationships? I speak of them with the beautiful and cynical experience of the observer; though I never dated, I end up being the one who listens to almost all my friends' emotional craps. Maybe because I see a romantic relationship like any other one in life, in which you must give more than want to receive; maybe for [always] being the outsider with the view of the big picture; maybe for always being the bride's maid never the bride. ha-ha
Fact is that for alwats busying my mind with these thoughts and writing here or there about them, I started to consider a good idea to directly write about it - a book maybe - with the thoughts of a love pariah, that never ceases being an idealist.
[Song: Le Tourbillon - Jeanne Moreau]

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Expected

Well, Madonna and Justin's 4 Minutes started to grow in me.
My previous opinions about its quality remain: it's a down-there mediocre track compared to massive and marvelous beats like Hung Up's or let's say it American Life's! However the effing song, like previously leaked The Beat Goes On, has the utmost Madonna quality of being catchy; sum up to that the fact I'm now craving to hit a dancefloor!!
All the indie pop/rock stuff I've been into lately like Radiohead or Arcade Fire, are damn cool and genius, they could make good on the dancefloor if I lived in a place where people were more ecletic and not so closeminded into the electronica scene. Raves are okay but only them... boring. So, while I move myself towards the "if the DJ doesn't play your music, go 'head and be one" axiom, I crave for more dancefloor and shake-ass oriented tracks - and 4 Minutes provide that.
I'm starting to let go of the critical point of view and just going with the beats - after all, Promiscuous was damn awesome song!
[Song: 4 Minutes - Madonna]

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Newest Love Of My life

I was gonna do a personal ad of Gregory Peck/Atticus Finch, but I decided he's mine, all mine!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Hard Candy

"What's Your Perversion?" Personal Ads:

"Craves attention, messy, open, rash, irritable, likes large parties, low self control, weird, fragile, does not like to be alone, emotionally sensitive, worrying, depressed, heart over mind, does not respect authority, dependent, not rule conscious, not good at saving money, more interested in relationships than intellectual pursuits, likes to fit in, very social, frequently second guesses self, phobic, suspicious, not careful, outgoing, vain, compassionate, aggressive, likes to make fun, hates to lose."
[Description stolen on Facebook.]
[Pic: Hard Candy's cover.]
[Song: Lucky Star - Madonna]

Buy A Dog...

Cos even when he snarls at you he'll never refuse a caress or a kiss of yours.
*bitter bitch mode on*

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Happy Song...

...Just to inform you that I passed on the vestibular again!
Behold the future best Journalist from Brasil!! hehe

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Song Addiction Of The Day

The only good things of not knowing exactly what to do are the surprises.
Today I woke up not wanting to listen to my usual current music [Radiohead or Céu or Marisa Monte] so I just hit play to the first thing that appeared to me on WMP: Bent's Intercept!. And as I prepared breakfast and danced to it a previously ignored song broke my line of concentration and made me wake up [for real] and dance with coffee and bread: Waiting For You.
One of the things that attract me in Bent are the fierce lyrics that cut through the layers of beats and call your attention, making you pause the dancing for hearing it.
Waiting For You's with its exciting verses that grow along the electro-beats and synths are about seeing the reality behind all the layers of illusion; or would it be find the lyrics behind all the beats?
Regardless of which were the Brit duo's intentions, the song is a massive dancefloor candy with a The White Stripe's Seven Nation Army similarity that sweep off your feet an move up your hips and head whether you want it or not, because it's there waiting for you.
To listen to this marvel just look for it on the BitchyList above, or simply click here.
[Song: Waiting For You - Bent]

Sunday, March 02, 2008

"4 Minutes" by Madonna

Oh boy!
Okay... it's a maaaaaaaaaassive hit!! I can already see Conquista's pretty girls without style and substance loving it all over the floors and becoming Madonna fans. I can already see myself dancing and singing along to it. But boy, that it's a mediocre track it is!!! The beats are absolutely stolen from Nelly Furtado's Promiscuous, making me start to doubt Timbaland's versatility.
Even the lame The Beat Goes On's demo is better than this; and as I heard this 4 Minutes one, I hoped that they didn't change it as much as they're claiming.
[Song: How To Be Invisible - Kate Bush]

Feelin' Crazy 'Bout My Body

"What's Your Perversion?" Personal Ads:

Kylie "G-d" Minogue

The word is: WOW! Once you have a taste such as this delicate and fine lady's, you will feel as if you never had any ride in your life. Before her every experience was just rehearsal. You come alive as she says you're making her feel crazy about her own body. Your two heartbeats will be rocking while in her arms, because there's no subterfuge: she's the one.
You'll feel like making real every desire from your blown mind, through cosmic trips and shimmering starlight right before your eyes: like a drug.
Every tease will be pleased and soon you will be dancing, getting physical on the floor.
Preferences: pheromones.
Do not: dare to be tired.

[Song: Like A Drug - Kylie Minogue]