Friday, February 29, 2008

I Drink Your Milk-Shake!!!!

"What's Your Perversion?" Personal Ads:

Daniel Plainview

Your darkest and most inner fantasies of transgression and ambition: he can go there. Everything that moral and ethics disable your conscience to even consider, he's already on it!
His voice will seep into your brains and ring loud as he walks in your lands and drains your water. The mystery printed on his face, due to his history, will contrast with the inexplicable prosperity and pleasure his presence will bring.
He likes tight places [especially wells], some booze [understatement] and have strong contempt towards people. He doesn't like to explain himself, but you'll never feel like questioning his logic and reasons, he'll never let you anyway; and if you do he will drag you on the ground and bury your face on the oily mud, after of course slapping it severely; or if you prefer, you can bowl. You'll be the pins.
Preferences: milk-shake.
Do not: ask him about his child.
[Song: Proven Landes - Jonny Greenwood]

Monday, February 25, 2008

Le Red Carpet

Starting with the commencement. I wasn't able to see the red carpet live, no cable in this shit so I had to see pictures during the ceremony's intervals with the guys from the chat. And then I did mini-lists.

#The Queens Of The Red Carpet

1 - Nicole Kidman

The first simply for being the absolute queen of Fashion Police. The Balenciaga is kinda meh [pregnant ladies usually aren't tasty], but THAT NECKLACE WAS PERFECTION!! It's to be in Red Carpet history! And it never hurts that she's always the epitome of class.
2- Marion Cotillard

Simply one of the most beautiful women of the night, her sirène-esque Jean Paul Gaultier was the best of the night, in my opinion.
3 - Katherine Heigl
Simply for this, this and this:

4 - Tilda Swinton

For me she's the Björk of Movies. Her choices are always excentric in a genius-non-wannabe way. This black washed silk combined with her androgyny got me drooling all over her acceptance-speech.
5 - Jennifer Garner

Just like Kidman this woman is the best Red Carpet gold out there. Never in my young Awards Season life I'd seen this woman go wrong. I missed her red-in-red formula from the Globes, but the black art-deco Oscar de la Renta blew my mind away. Who the fuck cares if she's married to Ben Affleck and did Electra?
6 - Jennifer Hudson

Just because she seems to be the most-comfortable-in-her-own-skin girl out there.
7 - Diablo Cody

Cody's dress is tacky, trashy, all-kinds-of-bad-ys but I thought it was a very brave choice for the Oscars. As if she was thinking: "I might be here for being a regenerated stripper, but I don't give a fuck and will keep wearing my pole costumes!"

#The Plain Girls That We Love

1 - Cate Blanchett

The dress' collar is a bit weird, the dress itself is boring. But Cate is always shiny!
2 - Amy Adams

My favorite up-and-comming actress I can't wait the year she'll walk down the red carpet for a win!
3 - Laura Linney

She's always a marvel to look at. She's ageing beautifully!
#The Skanks of the Night

1 - Jessica Alba
While she looks cute with the glow of being pregnant, that dress was awful. Besides, Alba is someone I'm supposed to hate. Talentless bitch! u.u
2 - Ellen Page
Okaaaay, if she had pulled the Diane Keaton in 2004 she would look less lesbian than with this gown she picked up. Opposite to Cody's outfit it felt like Page thought she was too smart and cool to care about wearing to the Academy Awards.
3 - Hilary Skank Swank
Every year I dream she'll stumble on the red carpet and break a hip, or [more simply] wear a very very very hideous dress. Every year my dream gets lost under the paparazzi's cameras' flashes, she always manages to dress decently, safely but neat. Until 2008!! 'Nuff said, just look at that disaster.
#The Beaus (L)
1 - James McAvoy
Is there another young actor as hot and talented as Mr. McAvoy nowadays? There probably is, but I just have eyes for him. [And allow me to be very corny here] Eyes and everything else he pleases.
2 - Daniel Day-Lewis
It's a fact that I'm completely in love with him........ okay that's all! But let's be a bit poisonous here: Rebecca Miller's dress makes her look like a Corpse Bride version of Bizet's Carmen.
3 - Johnny Depp
Uhg... even if I hate his current career and choices I cannot deny I think he's a cute piece of man.
4 - Javier Bardem
Because he's one of the sexiest men out there and dates on of the sexiest women out there.
[Song: Fallin Slowly - Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova]

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Give The Man His Oscar!!

Oh my fucking G-d!!! I haven't seen such a wonderful, mesmerizing and fierce male performance in a very long time!! Daniel Day-Lewis you are G-d!!

Argh Vestibular!!

It's 07h22 a.m. and as Nalim and I procrastinate for the moment we will HAVE to leave the house to do the often-dreaded vestibular we listen and sing-along to Feist and aknowledge that fear and nervousness aren't with us.
In my case it probably will come as soon as my ass is sat down on the desk's chair; but like every year it'll turn out to be the adrenaline's punch and I'll probably do a good exam. I hope the same for Nalim, of course.
Yesterday we went to a reviewing class and most of the other people were teenagers on their first vestibular. Won't get too confident cos it could sneak into cockiness, but I think I will go well and succeed once again. This year I'm doing for Journalism.
Wish me luck, byotches!
[Song: Leisure Suite - Feist]

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Oscaruary: Marion And Cate

Just to start: I hated Elizabeth 2 because it was such a bad and over-the-top movie. But I often give up and have fun with the bad and the over-the-top!! 300, for instanse, if it was just bad I would've slept in the theatre, but there were over-the-top naked abs so it was fun. But 300 didn't get an Oscar nod by simple default and detriment of others; in normal circumstances I'd raise my lovely middle finger and just enjoy the over-worked campiness of Shekhar Kapur's movie, but yes I'm obsessed like that and have nothing better to do with my time.
However, in my intellectual [indirect] quarrels with the ho, I read on his review:

But when minutes later she is screaming "I keep my bitches on my collars" you wonder when did Blanchett stop playing Elizabeth and a deranged Norma Desmond arrived to play the Queen of Hearts from "Alice in Wonderland".

That was the best description of Blanchett's performance in it and it made me laugh so much that, in spite of still thinking the film sucks and that she didn't deserve that nod, I feel like I could've tried and enjoyed it a bit more. Yesterday I watched the first Elizabeth on TV and I wondered how such an okay movie could become that Mariah Carey meets Cher Tour! The thing is that whenever I think of The Golden Age and its Best Actress nod, I think of all the better performances and films that didn't make it to the shortlist due to Cate's default. Argh, whatever, she's so great that even her bad acting is convincing.

However, there's the other woman. The French one who was able to turn watchable [at least once] the dull movie that was La Vie En Rose: Marion Cotillard. "La Vie" was so disappointing that at first I didn't care much about Cotillard in it. However, senses hit me and I came to terms of what a genius beyond mimicry performance it was. When comparing "La Vie" to Ray the ho said:

a better version of myself: what we must ask ourselves here is what impressed us about Marion that didn't move a nerve on us from Ray?
)( Lucas Silvertongue)( Dressed In Red: tell me ur thoughts
a better version of myself: I think it all lies in how unshowy marion is. Jamie Foxx was all about the show and the tics and the Ray-ness of Ray, while Marion plays Edith like a woman first and like a world known diva later. I love that very first scene when she sings, where you can see all this fear in her eyes and then she opens her mouth and knocks everyone off their chairs.

So I started wondering for the first time about the way biopics intend to show humanity from the artists and end up just blabering on the myth. And we came to the conclusion that what makes a performance close to real humanity are the details. I mentioned Reese Witherspoon's tapping foot in Walk The Line; as Jose cited: "like Marion's annoying laughter. You'd see Edith being that sort of vulgar laugher? [...] Yes! She was raised by prostitutes and lived in the streets a lot, she wasnt a Grace Kelly."

The de-glamming factor also came along:

a better version of myself: and while the film sucks, Marion is
undeniably brilliant.
)( Lucas Silvertongue)( Dressed In Red...: exactly, I didn't know she was that young ho! Somehow I am very glad that I knew nothing about her before watching the movie.
a better version of myself: and that beautiful too
)( Lucas Silvertongue)( Dressed In Red...: exactly, [and] I didn't feel abused by the deglaming while watching it. I even thought Marion was one of those legendary french actresses that worked once in a while now.
a better version of myself: but is it really deglamming all the way?
)( Lucas Silvertongue)( Dressed In Red...: I know. It's not ONLY deglaming. Like Berry.
a better version of myself: I mean Piaf might not've been clasically pretty, but she was beautiful in her own way. I think Theron and Swank are worst deglamming than Berry.

In the end, even though "La Vie En Rose" isn't the movie we expected it to be, it had cute intentions ["cause in a way the musical biopic needed some sort of shakeup", said the ho], plus Cotillard turns it into a must-see, only for her genius and captivating performance. That's why I believe she captured Piaf's aura, made it her own and returned as bursting with vivacity acting. For that reason, if Marion wins the Oscar I will not be angry.

- Previous Oscaruary:
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Alright, this really made me laugh.
Poor thing.
[Song: I'm So Stupid - Madonna]

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'm Not There!!!!

Normal biopics tell you all information they can gather about the person in at least 90 minutes and you leave the film's enviroment sure that you know a lot and enough about that artist's life and work. The last three ones I can recall have watched [Ray, Walk The Line and La Vie En Rose], despite different from one another, are exactly like that and I could say that biopics, particularly if they are from music business personalities, were not my thing.
Until the moment my eyes and mind layed on 2007's Todd Haynes's effort: I'm Not There. Whenever I think of it I still feel the overwhelming feeling of being thrown into a world I know nothing about, and worst, had left it knowing even less!!
I'll explain: when I saw "Ray" and "La Vie En Rose", I already worshiped Ray Charles's and Edith Piaf's music and had little info on their lives, and when I saw "Walk The Line" I knew nothing about Johnny Cash [except that he had died recently and had covered a 9 Inch Nails song] and June Carter, but when the films ended I didn't feel a pinch of urge to read more and to know other points of view over their lives stories, the only thing I did was to download "Walk The Line"'s soundtrack, since I knew nothing about Cash, still I downloaded Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon reinterpreting the Cashes' songs.
When "I'm Not There" was through I was totally speechless, because I din't know what to make out of it! The only thing I knew is that I wanted oh so badly to download every Dylan album I could find. I felt that instead of telling us tales of Dylan's lives with the supposed certainty that they are facts, Haynes's film feels more like his feelings and thoughts about Dylan's work than reenactment of his life's stories. That way I'm sure I have to watch this movies a million times more, as I study and find out more about Dylan's work from the Dylan himself.
But as the thoughts remain I wonder if that's not the best way of biopic-ing an artist? Through his or her works; unless the artist himself writes the screenplay, but that would be a dang of a Norma Desmond thing to do.
In the opening credits you can read the "inspired by the music and many lives of Bob Dylan", and for me that's where the thing takes the genius form, because it's not based on anything like a specific biography.
And inspired is way more including than based; you might say they end up being the same thing, but if you pay attention closely to the words and their many layers, you'll notice the difference between them.
In the end, "I'm Not There" does feel like no one is there! You know it's Dylan they're talking about, but is it really? The film presents a raw honesty that those are the views of Haynes's over Dylan's work and that's why [in my conception] the film is so intriguing, demandind and [why not] inspiring.
From now on I have the two missions of discovering Dylan and Haynes.
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

If My Life Were A Movie

My mom would win an Academy Awards, hands down!

QUEL: another thing I've learned. You're smoking too much, a cigarette after the other. Is that true?
)( Lucas Silvertongue)(: lol
QUEL: is it or not?
)(Lucas Silvertongue)(: I smoked three ciggies today.
QUEL: son, do you love me? From the deep of your heart?
)( Lucas Silvertongue)(: yes.
QUEL: son, you're killing me little by little. My soul lives sad just because of that, I have no joy in being your mother! be continued.
[Song: It's Cool To Love Your Family - Feist]

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Joy Of Dancing

We've been worried about our Indie-nization of the past months, but why worry about it when we have a woman that can bring joy even to the depressing moments. After this I'll never walk a treadmill normally again!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Rambling Over Margo

"So many people know me. I wish I did. I wish someone would tell me about me."

It's funny when you start living with people for a while and they start to think they know you well. So well to the point they know you better than yourself. In some cases it's not impossible, after all there are a bunch of individuals out there either so predictable or unaware of themselves, that strangers might know the lines on their faces better than their own mirror reflections. I, however, do not aply to the case.
Last night a guy told me I seemed to be those headstrong people who defended so much my views that didn't accept none other. I may act by my mind and follow my own instincts but I'm not as shallow as that; I'm always open for changes of heart by second or third opinions as long as they make any sense. Nevertheless that guy barely knows me. And normally I'd go with Madonna and just spit a full and somewhat rude "nobody knows me" - but tonight I prefer a more sarcastic but utterly classy approach.
I just watched All About Eve with two newbies who got mesmerized by Mankiewicz's quick-witted dialogues and Miss Channing absolute and unquestionable bitchy charm. And as one of them claimed loudly his resemblance with Margo, I kept mine in check for a while.
The path to self-awareness is bumpy and endless, although I can say I'm not a retarded in it. I could in fact say that I'm a great runner. I don't completely know myself because I'm not a race with endline - as I said, there's always some energy to go the extra mile. But it's my own marathon and although there are plenty of intersections no one can tell me they know my road better than myself.
That's why I quoted Margo Channing in the begining; like a protest against those who love to fill their mouths to say they know people too well.
[Song: Intuition - Feist]

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Oscaruary*: Juno

*Might contain spoilers*
It all started when I read the ho's review for Juno. It said:
In the film's best scene Vanessa [Jennifer Garner] runs into Juno [Ellen Page] at a shopping mall. She asks if she can touch her belly. What follows is a one way dialogue that nothing else in the film ever compares to. This moment encompasses the overall mood it was trying to get for its heroine; a sort of limbo where her decisions started counting for once and how terrifying yet magical it all turned out to be. [Movies Kick Ass]
- The title character:
What followed was a whole discussion about the film's flaws. Alright, you might say we're negative bitches but if you wanna know all about blind raving on Juno just look at the cinema media at the moment.
We both thought Juno a lovely and tremendously cute movie, with charming quirky characters and awesome performances. But there's a irresponsability and some irrealities in it that is kind of freaky. I said:
That's my favorite scene as well: the one that stuck into my mind for ages and I totally agree with the grade, cos the film is mega cute and funny but somewhat irresponsible. I mean, alright its Juno's film and maybe twas Cody's intention to make it that way. But the way Juno moves through the story as if she's always too cool [she's cool for getting pregnant, she's cool for wanting to take it out, she's cool for deciding to keep it, and so it goes]… and how every one else seems to support her preposterousness…
To which the ho replied:
I know! Except Vanessa and her stepmom [Allison Janney].
The conclusion to that is that Diablo Cody's screenplay most of the times seemed to worship Juno's inconsequent behaviour.
- About reality:
Of course that we don't give a damn for the reality in the movies, but in the end of the day when you move on with your life it's the "level of abstraction" you've taken from it [or any other form of art] that says if it's important to you or not. By level of abstraction I mean how much of it stuck to your mind; like the ho said: "because they linger in your mind" when I said that the Loring couple is the only thing close to reality.
The ho goes further about it in his review, by saying:
Surprisingly this isn't a dark family drama, but a cute, "look at how quirky I am" indie comedy that uses its genre to avoid touching deeper repercussions (that nobody ever freaks out about all the STDs Juno could've gotten results a bit disturbing). [MKA]
I would add up abortion to the repercussions. The film chooses to avoid the discussion; till then it's alright. But it somehow reflects on how Hollywood deals with the subject as I read once on a Guardian blog.
Have you ever met a parent that treated a teenage daughter's pregnancy with such carelessness and sarcasm as Juno's father [J.K. Simmons]? Or a guy so idiotic that wouldn't want to participate on his own child's future [Michael Cera]? That leaves the Lorings and Juno's stepmom as the ones you would run into in real life.
About Mark Loring [Jason Bateman] the ho says:
Mark glows with rock star dreams he feels his wife stopped him from fulfilling, while she becomes oblivious to her husband's feelings, because for her they should've become one by now. Bateman's empty smile captures the joy of long lost dreams with the selfishness of refusing to grow up. [MKA]
On the MSN he mentioned a discussion with Andres about Vanessa:
I had a small discussion with Andres cause he said Vanessa was OCD and Mark was the coolest guy alive; [I said: I totally disagree.] (...) I do so as well, but that shows that the film only works effectively with them. G-d knows I wouldn't argue about the orange tic tacs.
I went further by saying that it's when the film tries to make us hate Vanessa for not being quirky like the others that the screenplay starts to fail. I mean:
What I think Vanessa was is a bit obsessive. She (oh so) wanted to have that baby and sometimes it felt like she didn't know why and that's where I also think that the Cody's screenplay fails as well. I felt that as Juno and Mark's relationship starts to evolve, it feels like the movie is trying to make us hate Vanessa for seeming so desperate. However, it's JUNO's movie maybe twas supposed to be that way; however again I bet a lot of people disliked Vanessa by the end of the movie (because they) thought she was cold.
And for a movie that loudly brags for being indie and quirky, judgement on difference should be the last thing to be endorsed. That leads to the thought that most of these lovely comedies with all its alternative languages and pop cultural screenplays are mostly the most [pardon the cacophony] conservative.
- About the Oscar, Ellen Page and Roger Ebert.
The ho: We sound like Ebert and [Richard] Roeper on their show; except Ebert jerks off to Juno but whatever, I think page will win.
Moi: I don't and hope not.
The ho: Well if I have to remind you, Ebert creates an oscar winner every year. Usually it's the one we'd never pick, but he's damn powerful like that.
Moi: Lol I know. But who knows, things've been so solid for Christie.
The ho: They'd been solid for Sissy Spacek in 01 as well. Until Ebert made a fierce Monster's Ball campaign.
In simple and short conclusion: we wouldn't choose Juno as 2007's Best Film, neither Page as the best actress. Even if we loved both.
*Oscarurary: since February is my Astral Hell month we named it Oscaruary so I don't think of it.
[Song: It's Cool To Love Your Family - Feist]

Astral Hell

Since my encyclopedia told me there's no specific expression for this that I'm going to post about, let's use this one I invented, based on the literally english translation, to talk about the period in one's life that all kinds of shits are going to happen.
The astral hell is the 30-days period right before your birthday. Astrologers say it's the time when a circle in a person's life is close to an end, hence the emotional and [sometimes] rational mess. Lucas's period start on Feb 26 and he is already preparing himself to it.
Funny thing is that this week's Kabbalah Tune Up goes about ego and how we must keep always awareness in relation to it; but the first thing I read about astral hell said that it's a moment of introspection. Alright that's also something that should be done - considering that being aware includes knowing yourself - but maybe it's should be a time of looking for the big picture too.
Twas when I found another text that said:
According to the astrologer Eduardo Maia, the "Astral Hell" just happens when we don't realize that we should leave the stage to behold the world and disattach, in benefit of those that need some emotional or practical assistance. "It's time to be an instrument for the others' goodwill and not be concerned about oneself", he says. Considering that it mostly doesn't happen, comes the anguish, the emptiness and the sense of disorientation. [Porto Do Céu]
My astral hell ends on March 28 and until then my usual submarine behaviour will be assisted by an antenna connected to people.
Sounds contradictory: c'est moi most of the times.
[Song: Moving - Kate Bush]

Monday, February 04, 2008

"You Should Blog This"

As Oscar Season approaches its end day by day, Lucas and Jose start to think and discuss about our favorite subject more fiercely: the Oscar's best actress race! But instead of just raving on this year's goddesses we'll be writing our most honest thoughts about each of the movies.
And the first happy fellow to trip under our bitchy talk will be:
[Song: Monarch - Feist]

Do You Believe In Love At First Sight?

My quickest and most honest-to-the-moment reply would be: no I do not.
But the hurt lies on the fact that a sparkly part of me wants badly to believe so. You know what with sparks: they might be tiny but very powerful and dangerous; a single one is enough to create an explosion. So this silly passion of mine that often hibernates, sometimes go up and so loud that the darkness of my well of desires is mostly lighten by the cries of this pest.
Old as fuck as I am now I can't say that I believe in the Disney concept of love at first sight. I however do believe in conjectures - not planted-by-me ones but inexplicable harmonies. A friend of mine found his current boyfriend in a rom-com like situation, filled with brief and unaware encounters and friends in common. Of course things are too young and only time will tell if they're affair is one to remember or will be swallowed by chance.
But seeing his happiness I cannot deny a pinch of jealousy for never have had it. Voilà, c'est la bitch beast! It's in times like this that I get the most sensitive about the fact that I never had a healthy and reciprocal love affair.
I'll definitely tap to the good sides and appreciate what's under my ownership. Things will come if they have to - but how I wished a supposed coincidence happened to me.
[Song: Manhatã - Caetano Veloso]

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Uhhh Okay...

...let's say I'm obsessed about her now:

If I Were A Woman...

I would be Keira Knightley at the Coco Mademoiselle ads. I might be exaggerating here but this girl is the reincarnation of classic Hollywood. Her jaw-line, her thinness, the beautiful and expressive eyes, the smile - all of them combine with a vivacity that instantly remits me to the Hepburns, especially Kate's Tracy Lord.
[Song: Let It Die - Feist]