Friday, November 30, 2007

I just got an email that says:

"Kylie says 'The KYLIE‘X’2008 tour will be a look to the future but will definitely include favourites alongside the new. I can’t wait to share it with you next year! See you soon!"
I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this woman!! "The favourites alongside the new" is so yummy and gives me such a fuzzy feeling.
[Song: The One - Kylie Minogue]

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Coming Home

It would be way too foolish of me to say Vanessa Carlton's new album is genius; even if I'm completely in love with it.
If Be Not Nobody was gloomy like Winter and Harmonium was luminous like Summer, Heroes & Thieves feel content with the moment. The first difference I noticed in H&T is that instead of a collection of songs, it feels more like a body of work, a story being told; that isn't notable only by the lyrics, but the melodies and arrangements feel like such - as if Carlton spent more time constructing music that feels like chapters in one's life. The best part is that it isn't anyone specific, so the connection with it isn't so difficult.
Nolita Fairytale feels right from the start as a wake up call. The literary feature of the song gets even cuter if you consider the fact Nolita is the neighborhood where Carlton has been living for at least the past two years, the period of time she describes in the song. But as I said, it's not only the lyrics that remit you to a moment of epiphany: the song with it's cheerful drums and piano and sharp percussion feels like a morning reverie.
So sweet that when you get to the second track, the amazing Hands On Me, you already feel it as first thoughts in bed. The magnanimous string section combined with the down-to-earth and urban-esque piano and percussion transmits you to a feeling of seriousness that matches with the fierce emphasis she imposes on the lyrics.
Then Spring Streets comes about a mother-daughter relationship, but in general it's about growing up and learning about life with life. And that's, in my opinion, the beauty of Carlton's songs. 27-year-old is almost the end of the second decade of one's life, but it's like the begining of adulthood, especially in today's world where people seem to grow up faster, but mature later. So, Carlton's song feel like songs made for people in their 20's done by someone in her 20's. All that in a humbleness that is part of Carlton's charisma; there's no patronizing in her lyrics and messages. And at the same time, it's lovely how the melodies and arrangements transmit the maturity she already has.
There's a charisma in Carlton's songs that goes beyond the innovative; in her three musical installments she had delivered songs that somehow feel similar in the pop piano aspect, but are able to bring different feelings to the listener. The other highlights for me are Come Undone, the country-ish The One (with Stevie Nicks), the title track Heroes & Thieves and Home.
[Song: More Than This - Vanessa Carlton.]

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pay 1, Eat 3

Clara, Purki and I went to a sushi restaurant where they hold, every Tuesdays and Wednesdays, "sushi in abundance", that means: you pay and you can have as much food as your lovely stomach can handle; in Portuguese we use a little cute [this is ironic] word called rodízio, and of course it's untranslatable. We have rodízios for everything - barbecue, pizza, ice cream, sushi etc.
I didn't have money of course, nor Clara, just Purki. So we decided to order one rodízio for three. That obviously isn't allowed, so we were outlaws for a night. What's so special about this report? Nothing... just little nice things you can only do with friends.
[Song: Sensitized - Kylie Minogue]

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Poser

When I have a band... one day when I'm tough enough to kick my laziness and get a voice coach, I'll have a band just like that! The delicious poser attitude and the hot members are all I need to rock da house.

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Hunter

It's taken me a month to finally be able write about my experience with Björk in Rio de Janeiro. This block isn't new or fruit of a lazy mind. Every single day when I listen to her I review the concert in my mind and feel all the shivers and rushes that that whole fatidical day in October caused in me. Who would know that after so many destiny bullies I'd spend 12 hours in a line to see the Icelandic birdie?
Actually I knew, the previous month was spent planning and dreaming about that October 26th and right early in the morning, Artur [my carioca friend and cicerone] and I left our friends' house in Tijuca and took the subway to Cinelândia [Rio's downtown]. There we had breakfast and walked to the Marina da Glória, where the concert was being held. Findind already 7 or 8 people there, we placed ourselves at the queue so we'd reach our goal: standing by the stage in the very front of Björk, so she'd hear us whenever we said we wanted to do her at anytime and place she wanted. Then we spend sharing live shows experiences, sheding our love for Björk wondering if she'd arrive by bike, submarine or pedalinho; there was also the famous Ivone Kassu, a woman we had no idea who was but the fact she had a line only for her guests to the festival - in other words, we were all dying to know who she was and to befriend the bitch.
At 8pm I was all cute and settled at the place I wished - right in the middle of the stage where her mic stem was placed, - but in the foray to get in I got lost from Artur and he ended up being a meter or two away from me; but I wouldn't move out of that place. How could I? Antony And The Johnsons's concert started half an hour later and it was a bit disappointing. Feist had cancelled all her left concerts in Brasil due to a labyrinthitis crisis; so they put Antony to substitute her at the other stage, hence his concert at the Tim Volta stage was 30 minutes long, plus the sound wasn't so good and the lighting awful. He at least was very nice in his timid way and sang The Crippled And The Starfish. Antony and The Johnsons are formed by a cello, guitars, a violin, a viola and Antony's piano - a band that mostly plays in theatres, so I loved when he said about the Tim arena "it's very interesting to perform in a place like this. It's like singing against the ocean."
That was such a Björk-esque line that I in the end didn't feel guilty by feeling a bit satisfied that his concert was that short. The anxiety to finally see my latest G-d live was starting to burst out through my years and mouth, in opposite to the ease I felt the whole day. As the holdies set up the stage, we could see Mark Bell and Damian Taylor setting their programming and electronic tables. Suddenly all the lights went out and the all-female brass piece, Wonderbrass, came performing the instrumental intro, Brennið Þið Vitar, instantly followed by the marvelous Earth Intruders.
Like mother Oceania, I blinked my eyes and there she was in front of me, all pretty and petite with her golden xmas-wrap dress and golden-glittered forehead. It was uncontrollable; the long shrill that left my mouth was simply uncontrollable - she was there right in front of me and I still couldn't believe my eyes. Right after came Hunter with its brand new mettalic beats and horns [instead of strings] section, and I noticed when she went down and picked something on the floor and hid it in her dress; by the end of the song she simply conjured a web... I cannot describe it, you'll have to see it for yourselves [on the video above].
And my orgasm went higher and higher as she gradually sang Pagan Poetry and Unravel [a song I'd never dreamed in seeing live], Jóga, Army Of Me and I Miss You. I couldn't stop moving and when my Marina da Gloria's theme, Wanderlust, was performed I was static and openmouthed. And when came HyperBallad - I knew the end was near. She sang the first verse of HyperBallad and then put her hand to her ear and beaconed for us to sing - she surely noticed we were singing at the top of our lings every single track from the setlist. So the rave began and along came Pluto and I wasn't myself anymore! I felt like a maniac triggered by those industrial beats and green lasers; I wouldn't stop jumping, but all around me no one would! Who dared was automatically moved by the crowd!!! The brass section gave an even scaried tone to the song. And as soon as it started it ended.
I was high on rapture, I still couldn't stop screaming! Some people around had tears in their eyes, but I was too hyped to cry. We all knew she'd be back for an encore, so the whole arena - more than four thousand people - started stomping our feets on the floor making a lot of noise for her return. And she quickly did and after presenting her fellow musicians they played the highly anticipated Declare Independence. I just have one thing to say: I DIED!
Artur met me later at the same spot I spent the whole show. I still couldn't move out of there, I couldn't leave that place! It was like I had this desperate desire of having her back! My throat was sore, my voice died with my body, because I was only standing due to inertia. So we left the arena sorethoated, full of Björkian confettis in the bags, 4 reais [5 dollars] poorer because of a bottle of water, but with a huge and happy afterglow.
...hence it felt as a dream comes true.
[Song: I Miss You - Björk]

Friday, November 23, 2007

Current Favorite Music Ladies Top 6

With a gloomy and cloudy day outside I suddenly woke up with a feeling I didn't have in a long time: introspection. Ever since I moved, most of my days were filled with nothing or not-exactly-fulfilling activities, but outside in the hype of the streets and between my lovely eloquent friends; today I don't feel like going out, apart from the Cinema Week that is going on in town.
So this moodiness made me feel like writing anything again; go beyond the thematic and just write about anything I want. And since I'm always writing about music here, here goes the list of the top 6 artists I'm listening the most. Not so surprisingly they're all women.
6. Juliette And The Licks
There's an awesome aura of coolness around Juliette Lewis and her band that they inspire me. I had to buy ribbons to imitate the lead-Lick's indian style. Plus her raspery voice and delicious posture as a rockstar makes me want to have my own band. *giggles* My favorite songs are 20 Year Old Lover, Bullshit King, American Boy and Hot Kiss. "Lover" and "King"'s dialogues by the end of the songs thrill me to the bone with its sass and rhythm, showing an attitude that is mesmerizing.
5. Britney Spears
"It's Britney, bitch!" Okay, I only have one thing to comment about this: who'd ever thought that in the worst moment of her career and life, Miss Spears would manage to release such a great and genius album?! Say what you want about the vocals, but this album has amazing beats and hooks... who cares about the lyrics? Radar and Get Naked are pure delight!
4. Kylie Minogue
There's this woman in Brasil called Erika Palomino who is told to be Brazillian's Anna Wintour; she's the best fashion reviewer, the one who all the models and designers want to be protogé of, the one who's the trend spreader... anyways, one day she was invited to a chat on a website and somebody quentioned her why wasn't she talking so much about Madonna anymore. Palomino replied that Madonna now was in another area in which her personal life was more important and she wouldn't become The Sun and publish every little thing Madonna said or did, "besides, it's Kylie Minogue's momentum!"
I couldn't agree more. Ever since the Showgirl Homecoming Kylie has been heating up the vaults of anticipation with her upcoming album. Early in the year several songs leaked and we had the pleasure of knowing the marvelous In My Arms; now 2 Hearts is everywhere and soon we'll have the full album in our hands. It's already leaked... but while I wait for The Ho to finally sending me everything, I feed my addictions to the following top 3 ladies.
3. Vanessa Carlton
Heroes & Thieves is such a singular and sweet piece that it could not be done by anyone else than Miss Carlton. Its body is more than the collection of songs that Carlton's previous albums felt like, and though at first you might twist your nose and think that it's more of the same, you'll be totally wrong if you stick to that idea. In H&T Vanessa is in her best shape as a songwriter and arranger, bringing songs filled with breezy percussions and drums always sided by her sweet and inspired piano. The lyrics are other joys to notice; her poetry is filled with even more honesty and imagery. My favorite ones are Hands On Me, My Best, Come Undone and More Than This.
2. Björk
Uhhh... is there anything to say about my complete fascination and addiction to this woman? After the concert I attended I have been unable to write freely about my experience, as if it's too overwhelming. But it's coming out, especially now that I'm discovering even more genius stuff by this G-d. Whoever uploads me the whole Family Tree collection I'll owe sexual favors forever!
1. Feist
[That's my favorite pic of Feist's, I'll definitielly imitate it.] If I'd known Feist before the Tim Festival I would've undoubtedly bought tickets to her concert and stayed beyond pissed when she cancelled her gigs due to labyrinthitis. Her sweet and somewhat hoarse vocals are enough to charm you and make you feel like you're in love. Some of the lyrics are pretty melancholic, but are arranged so beautifuly and yet very minimalistically that it's impressive. Right now I'm beyond addicted to her sophomore album, Let It Die, which features marvelous self-penned songs such as Gatekeeper, One Evening, Mushaboom, Leisure Suite and the tittle track, plus wonderful covers like Inside And Out and When I Was A Young Girl. I'm getting into her latest album as well, The Reminder; Sea Lion Woman is my favorite - one of the best arrangements ever done!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

"You Can Be Henry Miller And I'll Be Anaïs Nin"

As Miss Feist has been telling to my years lately "the saddest part of a brokenheart isn't the ending as much as the start."
It's very cliché to be all melancholic after your heart is broken, and I can't even say if mine actually is, but once the "feeling of possibility" is dead you have to figure out ways to cope with that loss... because even if most of its existence was only in your head, it's still another thing of yours you'll not have anymore.
So on the last two days I've been on my bitchiest mode ever since comment guy, and guess why... a guy. There were no despressive period this time, because once I saw I was still able to leave the danger zone I made my path backwards. Hence the bitchiness. I realized that being bitchy towards the source of my afflictions is a good way to impose myself to myself. Being blasé keeps me from wondering of shoulda woulda couldas.
Last night it was clear to him I was particularly bitchy with him. He asked me why today... I obviously was evasive and said that it would soon be gone. Well, that is true... but why sheding my pride by being utterly honest and exposing even more my weakiness? Falling for an ideal - a wishful thinking - is very beautiful in arts, but in real life is tiresome. Playing the bitch with a good friend because you wrongly fell for him isn't exactly my ideal of pleasure, but for now it's necessary and it's being done.
Today's mood is better than the last days', but I don't know how long will the bitch mode will last. After he asked I offered him a Feist song, When I Was A Young Girl, and considering the lyrics it was an elegant bitchy move of me.
In the end I go back to the Feist's line from the post-top and think there's no better words to describe the silly state of mind I'm in lately. I feel like giving up on romance... surely this won't last forever, but for now I'm just feeling tired. Once again...
[Song: Let It Die - Feist]

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Welcome Back!!

...and this comeback sounds so lovely!


"What’s running through your mind? Are you addicted to cynicism and doubt? Or any other dead-end thought patterns?"
And on the Friday, Dad and I went to a hotel-farm that by the very beginning felt like I was in a rehabiliation facility. I was miles away from town, no phone, no internet, no friends, no parties... and though I had a beer and rode a horse in the first afternoon and smoked as I always do, it did felt like detoxing.
Most of my days were spent with the finishing of my new favorite book Northern Lights from the His Dark Materials trilogy by Phillip Pullman; I listened little to music - The One by "G-d" Minogue - and almost didn't watch TV. I ate a lot and heathily, didn't have a sip of any kind of soda and put my sleep in order. I missed the noise and eloquence of my friends... I missed a particular one more than the others... but in the end, all the silence and thinking did me greater than I imagined.
By the end of last night Dad was complaining of boredom, but it'd be too easy for me to admit my boredom and, pondering for a while, I said: "nah, I guess I'm feeling detoxed..."
Though I didn't pull a Paris/Nicole with a [fake] simple life, it felt sometimes - as I walked by the orchard - like I was back to basics... isolating myself to listen to myself. In the end, it's been a more than valid trip. An experience that will be repeated more often, without necessarily leaving town.
[Song: The One - Kylie Minogue]

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oh Boy...

A part of me has no regret at all for neglecting this space, because the amount of time I spend in front of a computer lately is minimum.... but another part feels deeply ashamed because I haven't been doing anything productive elsewhere.
The thing is: life has been too hype... and maybe I'm already starting to feel a bit tired. Time to reel in and start thinking. Maybe there'll be some writing coming from it, even if it's about old stuff.
[Song: Last Order For Gary Stead - Saint Etienne]

Sunday, November 04, 2007


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This was in São Paulo... I'll soon start telling how my lovely trip to Rio de Janeiro was...
Björk was phenomenal... I still can't find words to describe.