Thursday, May 31, 2007

Kylie Minogue Week: Discography Part 1 - PWL Era

*four-hand post by moi and the ho*
I'm aware some of the readers here don't know Kylie discography. So here are mini-reviews for each of her PWL albums.
*Year-Album [Label]*
1988 - Kylie [PWL]
Moi: A pure 80's album, Kylie's debut sometimes sounds like the Teen Pop's stemcell. Kylie was only 18 when she flew from Australia to London to seal a record deal with the SAW trio, who owned PWL. The Loco-Motion cover was a hit in Australia and I Should Be So Lucky had the same destiny in the UK afterwards. Some songs sound too silly nowadays, but most of it is lovely fun, if you like the 80's, of course.
PS: about the hat: "it's infamously funny, therefore I love it."
The Ho: The tiny Aussie debuted with what SHOULD be a quintessential 80's album. All the elements of the era are included here: a fun, campy pop album that somehow feels as if it's segued together, making for a hell of a party that really sends you back in time. But beware: even at the very start Kylie was tricking us by delivering some of the most heartbreaking songs ever; just listen to the hopeful angst of Turn It Into Love and the slightly delusional "I Should Be So Lucky" to find someone who cured her heartbreak with dancing. Despite of this the album's mood is best summarized in a line from one of her most famous hits "it even makes you happy when you’re feeling blue".
PS: about the hat: "I think it's the worst thing that ever happened to her. It looks like it was added later, 'cause she has a gorgeous smile and nobody would be smiling with that thing in their head."
Top 5: 5. The Loco-Motion; 4. Got To Be Certain; 3. I Should Be So Lucky; 2. Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi; 1. Turn It Into Love.
1989 - Enjoy Yourself [PWL]
Moi: This album has a lot of retro elements; I could go anachronic and say she's previewing the retro fever of this decade, but Kylie still had little control over her recording process. So, EY follows the same formula from her debut, but still it's an album that has highlights: for me it's Hand On Your Heart and Never Too Late. Honorable mention: Especially For You [a duet with Jason Danovan, a bonus track on the Land-Down-Under's edition].
The Ho: The opener "Hand on Your Heart" should be named official anthem for those of us who reject rejection. This is my least favorite Kylie album because it often feels like a mix tape (surely because of a sophomore rush); one part has a retro Kylie singing big band songs atop a piano, while the other has her partying like it was 1989. The concepts never fit together but just as we’re about to dismiss the album as a whole, the closing number Enjoy Yourself (which feels like a sarcastic remark considering how dull the middle gets) is enough to make us forget most of it and is promising enough to prepare us for the bliss that would come next.
Top 5: 5. I'm Over Dreaming (Over You); 4. Enjoy Yourself; 3. Never Too Late; 2. Wouldn't Change A Thing; 1. Hand On Your Heart.
1990 - Rhythm Of Love [PWL]
Moi: If you manage to keep yourself stopped through the majority of this album, congratulations you're a soul-less rock. In ROL Kylie starts to coyly take control over her creative process, writing some songs. But the strongest pieces of this album are unfrotunately not written by Miss Minogue. This album, that tends to be most fans' favorite, is filled with her biggest hits, or at least best disco anthems. Besides, her happy tune/gloomy lyrics syndrome is in full mode; c'mon y'all, there's nothing sadder than Better The Devil You Know and What Do I Have To Do?!
The Ho: Kylie’s first "mature" album opens with a holy trinity; "Better the Devil You Know" is arguably the greatest song she has ever done and now affirming what would be her trademark (sad lyrics with uplifting beats) it announced a sexier, wiser Kylie was arriving. It's followed by Step Back in Time and the stunning "What Do I Have to Do" which only lead to an exquisitely blissful record that defines pop music in the early 90s. Every track here is amazing, even the lesser ones feel good because of all the genius they're surrounded by. In the end it feels like a meta irony that in one song Kylie tells us that "when we can’t find the music, all we can do is step back in time". In these times when so much of what's going on musically is so disappointing, her affirmation feels like a prophecy that sends us dancing back to her.
Top 5: 5. Always Find The Time; 4. Step Back In Time; 3. Shocked; 2. What Do I Have To Do?; 1. Better The Devil You Know
1991 - Let's Get To It [PWL]
Moi: My favorite album from the PWL era. Here Kylie goes urban introducing herself to the real 90's era; most of the songs are R&B/urban clichés that are still so lovely and constructed in an enchanting way I simply cannot ignore, even if I'm not much of an urban fan. I really love each track from this underrated marvel [by the fans, the critics loved it], except the If You Were With Me Now duet, that happens to be the only Kylie song I really hate. Aside the singles, the highlights for me are Too Much Of A Good Thing and Let's Get To It.
The Ho: Truth be told I find this album almost completely inconsequential in Kylie's career. Most of it feels as if she was trying to leave a whole era behind and say everything she needed to say about synthpop, 80's music and corny ballads (which is why most songs feel like different versions of the others, making the whole instantly forgettable). Which is why the only highlights for me here are Give Me Just a Little More Time with its insanely romantic, retro mood and the masterpiece that is Finer Feelings, find me a song that better aims at making peace with our animalistic and sentimental sides and I will give you an award.
Top 5: 5. Word Is Out; 4. Too Much Of A Good Thing; 3. Let's Get To It; 2. Give M Just A Little More Time; 1. Finer Feelings

Personal Posting

Just a quick break from Kylie Minogue Week. Here's what is on my mind at the moment:
"Once I had a love and it was a gas/Soon turned out had a heart of glass/Seemed like the real thing, only to find/Mucho mistrust, love's gone behind/Once I had a love and it was divine/Soon found out I was losing my mind/It seemed like the real thing but I was so blind/Mucho mistrust, love's gone behind."
Then, there's the part I want to come true:
"In between/What I find is pleasing and I'm feeling fine/Love is so confusing there's no peace of mind/If I fear I'm losing you it's just no good/You teasing like you do."
C'mon y'all, ya' know wha'm talkin'bout!
[Song: duh!]

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Kylie Minogue Week: Top 10 Best Underused Songs

[click on the songs to download*]
There are always those tracks from our favorite artists' albums that are never used, either as b-sides or in live concerts, and we don't understand why, because they're simply perfect and sometimes better [in our opinions] than certain choices. So, as continuation of the Kylie Minogue week here's the top 10 favorite songs, never used in a show, or as a single or b-side, or even officially released.
Honorable mentions:
- Give Me Just A Little More Time [from Let's Get To It]
I don't understand how this uplifting and charming cover was never sung live while other boring ones, like Tears On My Pillow and Celebration [luv it, but prefer "Gimme"], were. And the fact it was a single release makes me even more disappointed whenever a tour setlist is announced and it's not there.
- Secret (Take You Home) [from Body Language]
It was performed live on the BL release pocket show, Money Can't Buy, but despite rumors at the time, was never released as a single. And it should! It's totally fun and Kylie RAPS in it!! Man, it's so cool!
- Drunk [from Impossible Princess]
When I reviewed Impossible Princess on a forum I said this to be my favorite song on the album; and it still is. The restless song about love obsession [ha! that's why I like it... duh!] is one of her best constructions. Both song and lyrics are all over the place and loud as if she's really drunk and G-d, the way she sings it! Simply genius.
10. Where In The World? [from Greatest Hits]
When I first heard this song I didn't care much about it. Truth be told it's a bit corny edging the tacky; but there's a drama-queen aspect about it, sung by Kylie with her usual heartbroken tone, that made this song suddenly find its way into me.
9. Time Will Pass You By [from Kylie Minogue (aka KM94)]
This song is so gay! In all conotations of the word. But if you're one of those who love uplifting songs you can't deny this song's charm. Check out the chorus and you'll totally understand what I'm talking about: "life is just a precious minute baby/open up your eyes and see it baby/give yourself a better chance because/time will pass you, right on by." It is so enchanting and combined to the song's happy beats and campy sax solo, make the track perfect for playing on a prom party or for your corniest moment in convincing a guy he should pick you. [Note to self: you're allowed to love this song, of course, but totally prohibited of executing this latter idea.]
8. Someday [from Body Language]
There's an ambient feeling in this track that is simply soothing, plus Kylie's acute vocals sound to be cooing into your ear the rather bitter lyrics; if I ever have a lounge bar this song will be a constant play. I've always imagined an artsy video for this, playing with lights and tones of beige, while Kylie would be in perfect black, dark like the lyrics and the genius bassline. Oh the bassline! Do yourselves a favor, download this and listen to it. Simply genius.
7. Disco Down [from Light Years]
This song is an example of my favorite Kylie contradiction. You all know that I adore the fact Kylie's songs are mostly massive dance tracks combined with some of the saddest lyrics in Pop music. "Disco Down" is the epitome of this Kylie aspect. The song's electronically involving synths and beats and the cute bells cheer you up, until you hear the lyrics. She should be arrested for playing this way with us, because you oughta be really drunk to ignore this song's sad and full of saudade story. Okay, check out the chorus and you'll totally understand what I mean: "and you turned my world around/when you burned this disco down/why'd you leave to find yourself/I can't dance with no-one else/and still there's memories of this town/when you burned this disco down/[and after all this time, I still wonder where you are]."
6. I'm Sorry [unreleased]
This song from the Body Language sessions was leaked last year on the web, and it instantly became a favorite. I particularly like to listen to it while I drive; there's one thing about it that I both love and dread, and am always craving for: the feeling of possiblity. When you fall in love everything seems fresh and new, but Kylie [geniusly] pull herself/us straight to reality saying: "I don't ever want to say that I must go/I don't ever want to say I'm sorry/if you ever feel those words then let me know/I don't ever want to hear I'm sorry."
5. Sweet Music [from Body Language]
Body Language is all about bottom. Every single song has basslines perfectly constructed to make you move your hips even if you don't know how to. This lovely meta-song is obviously about sex, but the way it uses music writing process elements as a metaphor to the sexual seduction and consumation is funny, adorable and clever, something that even fans I bet never paid much attention to.
4. I Don't Need Anyone [from Impossible Princess]
This and Some Kind Of Bliss were the starting points of the genius Impossible Princess album. Until Impossible Princess, Kylie had always written "safe - just neatly rhymed words" and IP was a turning point in Kylie's career both lyrically and musically. An album that mostly runs away from her known dance basis, it has lot of rock elements and more confessional and poetic lyrics. The album of course wasn't well received by the general public and some critics.
"I Don't Need Anyone" is an ironic piece in which Kylie declares a self-sufficiency that captivates especially my bitchy side. The chorus goes "I don't anyone/except for someone that I don't know" and is the claiming of a person that is still looking after someone to complete her, even if she doesn't like to clearly admit it. You know that's me you guys.
3. Automatic Love [from Kylie Minogue]
This love song, third part of what I call The Dramatic Trilogy [its predecedors are Put Yourself In My Place and Dangerous Game] from the KM94 album, is simply a lovely song. The strings section here is magnificent, combined with a minimalistic piano and Kylie's heartfelt vocals. Its beauty takes you by surprise like the love it describes. For me it's a big shame that this track was so underused; to say it was never considered it was sung live in a talk show in Portugal back in 1994, but the fact it was totally ignored as single and on tours makes my drama-queen side work on full mode.
2. Lovin' You [unreleased]
When her second greatest hits compilation, the Ultimate Kylie, was planned, some songs were written. One of them was instantly chosen to appear on the album: the marvelous Scissor Sisters collaboration I Believe In You; but as I once read on Kylie forums [can't say if this info is totally true], when it came time to choose the other track, she picked Giving You Up instead of Lovin' You. Even if I adore GYU to death, I love Lovin' You forever. The quirkyalone song about loving a person and still maintaining the individuality has lounge-esque synths combined with perfect dance beats, and is to be my eternal anthem. It also escapes from Kylie's routine of being heartbreaking even on uptempo tracks; the fact she dared to do something different from her costumary [even if involuntary] premise puts this song on my all time favorites list.
1. Your Love [from Fever]
The fact that this song was never ever used anywhere is for me one of the greatest injustices from Kylie's career. It completely possessed me at the first hearing; the helplessly romantic lyrics are sung with one of Kylie's best vocal moments. Her performance is of course heartfelt and -breaking that fits perfectly the beautiful acoustic guitar that goes along with it. When I checked out the KylieFever 2002 setlist and noticed it wasn't there I surely got disappointed; sounding like an ode to the fans it would work as a perfect faux-end, right after Better The Devil You Know. But nah, it was not only discarded there as it remains as one of the biggest ignored tracks of hers, even by the fans [which for me is a huge sin].
[*note to whoever: if you ever run into this post and the links are broken, leave a comment on the latest entry with your email and I'll gladly send the song you want.]

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Kylie Minogue Week: KylieFever

To kick off my Kylie Minogue week I chose to [re]watch Kylie's first big live concert: the 2002 tour KylieFever. Her shows, despite being exquisite and exciting live performances never were much of a big production. Why? Well, Kylie was never an overrated Pop singer with a huge label behind her ideas; still she was always able to deliver amazing show concepts despite the little budget. Until of course the advent of Can't Get You Out Of My Head and the Fever album.
On this self-indulgent [in a good way] one she revisited her many reinventions aided by William Baker & Alan McDonald's designs and marvelous Dolce & Gabbana's costumes. However, believe it or not, Kylie goes political here as well!
The tour's main plot consists in a futuristic world divided in ghettos driven by mainly hedonism, which is an artistic projection from the 21st century society. Like she sings on the first song of the Fever album, More More More [unfortunately not on the tour's setlist], "make me sigh with sheer delight" is all what human beings seem to be about in this new world, forgetting how heartbreaking and tiresome this life must be sometimes. It reminds me a bit of the planet SoGo from Barbarella. The best part of it all is that Minogue never implodes the world she created by judging it, which makes us look through it with the best of lenses: the fun one.
Supporting all of this there's a collection of pop culture/cinematic references enough to deliver chills on anyone's spine, especially those who dumbly took Minogue as a third age cheer leader. On the first, set, Silvanemesis, we receive a Metropolis morphed Kylie. We all know that the Fritz Lang's classic is about a cold and robotic human race. Rafael Bonachela's choreography is then perfect, with robotic and sexy moves, outlining the glamourous droid-leader that Kylie became.
Later we get to see my favorite reference. On the Droogie Nights [DN] set Kylie incarnates the mischievous and marvelous, my beloved, Alexander DeLarge. Kubrick's [also] futuristic masterpiece is also about careless often cruel human beings ruled by their carnal desires. It's a marvel to see D&G's reinvention of the droogs' costumes; the funny burlesque tables from the bar Alex and his droogs take their vellocets come to life as sensual pale dolls. It's pure pleasure with the rest of the sets, also filled with references from the UK TV series Doctor Who to 1992's cult classic The Crying Game.
At this set, Kylie takes a classical and romantic turn right after the unruly Spinning Around [in the DN]. The pleasure goddess shows signs of the humanity we often romanticize, by revealing her true [but dark] colors. As the lights dim, we hear Minogue's voice-over recitation from her 1994 song Where Is The Feeling?; the mood is set for an introspective moment when the main-prostitute is to question her own life style. "I know all there is to know about the crying game", she declares as soon as she emerges from the shadows. The queen is heartbroken and not even the wild night of Sex In Venice that she takes two sets after will remove from our memories [and hers] the melancholic state she/we get after a disappointment. Everything sounds corny, maybe it is how it's supposed to be within this campy festival; whenever she says "I hear that you're love now, baby I don't know what to say. I can't believe that I still feel this way"... you feel these are some of the most heartbreaking lines one can ever utter at such moment. Okay, she wonders more: "what is love without the finer feelings? It's just sex without the sexual healing." And when she gets to the conclusion that "the feeling still remains, and the ember feeds the flame" we can only be in chorus with her that we "don't want no more of the crying game."
As the jorney approaches an end we find Kylie questioning herself again ["caught up in a crossfire, nobody gets it, I'm finding it hard to contain myself... lost in limbo"] and wishing to escape from such mad world ["I'll take you in my capsule out of here"]. To enter into this delightful Pandora's box Kylie created to promote her 2001 dance tour-de-force album is to surely get her fever of changing and moving. The queen of such world unashamedly shows her desire to throw her own invention into a vulcan [the VoodooInferno set] in order to create it again with, maybe new foundations. It's not hard to feel compelled to wish for the same, as if we get Kylie's reinvention fever. "Oh fever sure has got me good... don't you feel the fever like I do?"

Monday, May 28, 2007

Kylie Minogue Week: At Ocean's Thirteen Benefit Dinner

So... in Cannes there she was having the meal she paid more than a million for [the money went to AIDS research, so okay to pay a fortune to dine with George Clooney], when spotlight-whore [in a good way] Sharon Stone goes up and scream "soo, who wants to hear Kylie Minogue sing?" According to LK Today Kylie had no idea she was to perform, but accepted the kidding-challenge and went on the stage. And guess what... okay see it for yourselves.

Kylie Minogue Week

Kill me!
I just found that today's Kylie's birthday! How could such a schizo-fan like me couldn't know that before? In my defense, I don't even remember my sister's bday okay [kidding].
So, to rectify my sin, from today to Sunday there will be daily posting(s) on the second part part of my Holy Trinity. For the delight of the eventual fans that'll come along, the ho... and myself. And for those who don't know much about this G-d, as well.
[Song: More, More, More - Kylie Minogue]

Sunday, May 27, 2007

My Soul Mate

Ain't life a bitch for giving the man of my life in the form of my best friend, with whom I'll never have no other kind of intercourse except intellectual and spiritual?
[Song: Earth Intruders - Björk]

The Day I Met G-d

Now, more than 12 hours after I attended to Maria Bethânia's last day of tour in Salvador, I am still floating. She's the third part of my Holy Trinity [you know the others are Madge and Kylie] and sseing her was the same as seeing G-d. As I waited at the Café of the theatre I started writing my column for the site; there I sat with my glass of Cabernet daydreaming about the moment I'd see her and interwiewing people to the column. But somehow I wasn't feeling so excited; maybe because I was there feeling as lonely as ever, or maybe because I had to do a job while entertained myself, I wasn't feeling the same I felt when I went to her brother's, Caetano, show.
However, when I got my sit at the beautiful Castro Alves Theatre I started feeling the chills I longered. When the lights went out, the band started playing and she was enlightened by a friendly spotlight, being showed like a mermerizing apparition, I was transported to another dimension; I forgot my current shitty life, my lack of drive for everything else and in my head her voice and moves became beautiful ideas and words for my column. I even realized how good it was to be alone at that moment, to have those two hours of spiritual enlightenment just for myself. My introspection finally felt like I like it to feel, and like I haven't in a long time.
I had silly grins all over my face, combined with heartfelt tears that eventually rolled down my face. Bethânia's performance is so full of life and catharsis that it's impossible not to feel emotionally strucked. And as you know, I'm a weeper drama-queen.
At the end I went closer to the stage to take some pics of G-d, and uhg not even at close range she looked human. Her feet barely touched the ground, she floated from one side to the other of the stage thanking us for being there with tis huge sexy smile, while we were the most grateful ones. Art is such a perfect thing, that suddenly I forgot all the lows from my week; thanking the Light is all that is left for me.
[Song: Bruised But Not Broken - Joss Stone]

Saturday, May 26, 2007

My Name Lucas

Although the name Lucas creates the urge to be both logical and technical, we emphasize that it causes procrastination, lack of confidence, and the inability to realize your goals and ambitions.
This name, when combined with the last name, can frustrate happiness, contentment, and success, as well as cause health weaknesses in the elimination and fluid systems.
Your first name of Lucas has given you a pleasant, easy-going, friendly nature.
Personal contacts are important to you.
In situations where you are serving others, demonstrating or instructing, you have the patience to go into details that someone else may not think to be important.
In your association with others, you are often limited to the more mundane happenings and little personal problems that can be so frustrating to those of an active, dynamic nature.
You desire to create system and order in your environment but are inclined to become side-tracked and socialize when you should be working.
Your ambitions are not large, as you lack confidence in your own abilities and would sooner not take a chance.
[Song: Sweet Dreams - Sinèad O'Connor, Kylie Minogue and Natalie Imbruglia]

Action Heroine Blog-A-Thon

Sooo... one day I was dancing to I-don't-even-remember-what here in my bedroom and MSN warned me I got an email from The Film Experience. Wow, surprise! Folks, the things you put yourself to in the past that then come back to bite your ass... nah, things are not that dramatic. I simply signed in for Nathaniel's blog-a-thon homage to the feminine side of law and security... or sometimes not exactly [*ahem*... Beatrix Kiddo], and I of course didn't even remember that, until the email came.
So, I'm supposed to pick an action movie or tv series heroine, rave about her on a post and post it between June the 11th and the 12th. I obviously have no idea who am I gonna choose, so I'll come up with options and whoever reads it [something that hardly happens since the universe thinks it's fun to ignore me] just vote on the comments. So far I've thought in writing about:
1. Barbarella
2. Buffy, the Vampire Slayer
3. Beatrix Kiddo [but I fear everybody's gonna write about her]
4. Charlie's Angels [the movie version which I've seen more than a million times]
5. Bridget Jones [ha!]
Alright, BJ isn't exactly an action heroine, but c'mon y'all she blonde, sexy [despite a bit overweighted], is always running around and is a woman with a mission!!! Ain't that enough to make her a heroine? Besides both of the movies provide a lot of action-worthy scenes for dear Bridge, even if they're not filled with blood and impossible explosions.
So, whaddya think?
[Song: Where Does The Good Go? - Tegan And Sara]

Friday, May 25, 2007


When my friend asked me if I was feeling any better, I instantly replied "no". I know I'm not supposed to feel enlightened and emotionally healed after my first session of therapy, no cancer is cured on the first day of chemo. But what surprised me was how quickly I replied that; the certainty that things weren't okay. Even on my darkest moments I'd procrastinate with a joke here and there, but at that moment I felt too tired even to be witty.
As the day went on I realized my heartbreak wasn't the only thing bugging me. The month is to end on the Wednesday [when I get money from dad] and I have only $20, that will be spent tomorrow with the cab to return from Maria Bethânia's show; which I'll have to milk from the icebergs of my current creativity to write an inspiring article about afterwards. I'm counting on the goddess to inspire me. But at this moment I just make Nina's words my own: I just lost the drive.
Heartbreak. [check]
Money trouble. [check]
Getting wet by filthy puddles on a rainy day. [check]
Empty house after a tiresome day. [check]
Uhg... I'm feeling like I hopelessly need a drink. Maybe I'm going to rehab too soon.
[Song: Bruised But Not Broken - Joss Stone]

Thursday, May 24, 2007

And I Saw...

...aside from the cute baby, a bunch of ugly people totally not worth a pic. But also I walked by some streets I've never walked before and saw many cute houses that made me wanna move from my ugly-people street.
The best part of it is that my mind was blank. Forgot my problems, administrations, bills and loans. Or if I didn't I don't remember thinking about them. I just enjoyed the not-so-horrible heat, my cigarettes, my coke and the ice cream. Ohh the ice cream!! Chocolate-chips, that gladly didn't taste like dirty water, and strawberry, that gladly was bittersweet like life... lol, shut up ho-patty you know I get corny about ice creams.
Tomorrow I'm going to rehab!! Okay, I'm actually seeing a shrink... it's my comment guy rehab. Wish me luck bitches.
[Song: Lambada - Kaoma]


It's so good to be happy again! Let's dance ho!


Today's Bridget's father's birthday!!!
I would watch those diaries to celebrate if I had a remote control. So I'll just smoke and drink tea like a good brit.
[Song: Let's Make Love And Listen Death From Above - CSS]

Where Does The Good Go?

Sooo... last night my editor came to me on the MSN and happily told me that everybody's been liking my columns! Suddenly I forgot for a while all the heartache I've been and a pure wave of joy took over me. I felt like dancing so I put some Kylie on; not a very wise choice since her lyrics are mostly heartbreaking, but this time I forgot about them and just danced around. Of course the effect didn't last long, but man, there's hope! And like Yehuda told me, I won't be compliant with depression for a long time. No, I'm not over, don't know when that'll happen, don't care either... let just things flow. But I'm willing and able to stand up and carry on.
But today, when the the DVD bullied me [I found out one of the kids threw the remote control's battery away] I came back to this computer, old bullying fellow of mine, and revisted a song that swayed my 2006 heartbreak: Tegan and Sara's Where Does The Good Go?. The lyrics are sad, the tune too and their performance just breaks your heart. But whadahell! This time it filled me with a weird sense of hope. I assume I'm obsessed about this heartbreak thing... there are even certain things I don't dare to mention, even in my mind. But this gloomy song suddenly gave me a desire to walk out, have a Light Coke and ice cream and cigarettes. And you know what, that's what I'm gonna do. Be right back to tell you what I saw...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Volta, in poetry, is the name for a change in subject matter or "turning point" in a sonnet. In I See Who You Are, one of the songs from her new album, Volta, the Icelandic singer Björk says: “let’s celebrate now/all this flesh on our bones”. And it’s with this return to what’s primal in human nature, that we can summarize the artist’s intentions on her new album. But if you are a fan or even only an admirer, you know that Volta, the album, like in poetry, is the return to an ever running point in the björkian art.
Defining her latest album as a simple “return to rhythm and beats after a couple ‘serious’ works" [Medúlla and Drawing Restraint 9], Björk gathered with the current Pop hype, Timbaland, besides Indie drummers and percussionists, such as Chris Corsano, Brian Chippendale [from Lightning Bolt and Mindflayer] and the Congolese group Konono Nº 1, to recreate a tribal atmosphere. Timbaland’s [in a good sense] disturbing beats open the album in Earth Intruders. Marches and Konono Nº 1's likembe blends each other to the unusual duo’s electrified percussions, in an involving manifesto to the return of the human race’s pagan origins. Björk’s “necessary voodoo” is repeared to the intense ode to innocence, Innocence, in which she claims “fear is a powerful drug”.
Volta is also filled with magnificent brass arrangements. Times soft, times scarily violent [like in Vertabrae By Vertabrae], the brasses give the songs a harbor-goodbye feeling. On the amazing second track, Wanderlust, we hear ships’ whistles, while Björk, followed by Corsano’s industrial-like drums, declare her departure towards the ocean: the beginning of vertebrate life on Earth. On the chorus, she yells “peel of the layers/until you get to the core.” Can you spot the pattern?
“Wanderlust” disembogues in the wonderful Dull Flame Of Desire, which melodically also sounds like a farewell. The lyrics sound like a beautiful epic romance; maybe for that reason, she invited Antony Hagerty for a duet. The duo’s velvet voices repeat theatrically the poem, turning the song’s 7 minutes into the quickest of the album. However, it’s Chippendale’s incredible drums that elevates “Dull Flame” to the status of the album’s best song. Composed and recorded in one take [Björk asked him to go into the booth and improvise], it starts almost imperceptible among the romantic horns and grows dramatically along the song, reaching to a captivating climax.
Obviously this return to nature’s primitive state, to intuition and paganism have a strong political connotation. Since “Earth Intruders”, she refers to social unification issues, declaring herself tired of all the current religious self-importance [“We're all fucking animals, so let's just make some universal tribal beat. We're pagan. Let's just march.”]. In Hope, she uses Arabian sounds to tell the story of a pregnant suicide-bomber and right after ignites a sonorous revolution with Declare Independence [“declare independence/don’t let them do that to you/[…] raise your own flag”].
Naturally, “Volta” wasn’t well received by the critic and some fans. Many expect from such avant-garde artists like Björk, the constant reinvention of the wheel or, more specifically, Pop music paradigms. In this sixth solo work, Björk doesn’t exactly visits the world with her World Music-esque beats, but revisits her own artistic universe, returning with new points of view, to well discussed subjects in her previous albums, as for sonorous elements. This way Björk reinvents herself, above everything, delivering a collection of songs that may sound weird at first, but are deliciously captivating. Once again: necessary voodoo.

"In A Ball Of Yarn"

Random facts of a gloomy day:

- Unravel is my current music obsession. It's been the basis of the post bellow and it's been my cathartic tool. The video was made as a backdrop for the song's performance and it's scary enough to make us know it's a Björk, and pretty enough to make us love Björk even more.
- My emotional problems are again reflecting on my body. My immunological system has been damaged by my depression. In other words, I'm getting the purest emotional cold. Lol, heartbreak is worst than AIDS.
- I realized today I'm way too skinny. I've always been thin, but today I looked myself on the mirror and thought I looked like a lollipop.
- I'm on a new project. It's been a week that I started taking pictures everyday and selecting one to represent that day. I'm posting them here. Check it out.
- I cried a lot too. Haven't done that in ages. Now I'm dry; the ho cursed me.
[Song: Hidden Place - Björk]

Monday, May 21, 2007

"He'll Never Return It"

His hand rested on mine heavily, as the epitome of my fall: his words once again crushed my heart and I was the main one to be blamed. After all, I chose to be optimistic against all odds that told me otherwise.
He told me Friday night that he no longer saw me as a lover and all that rested was a friendship he really wanted to nurture. Well, friendship is awesome, but for me that was painful. The "just friends" factor is worst than the "reincarnated-ex" factor, when you are drowing in the lava. I told him everything I felt... since everything seemed lost I had to get all of that out of me. That's how my system works, I'd rather have a cancer from all my cigarettes than from the unspoken things. Once again he could've spared me a lot of affliction and pain by simply telling me that before he came. But I won't give into ego like in February, blaming him for things I've brought to myself on my own.
Oh and he came! I was reading a book and waiting for Vinicius, Naiara and Monada in front of a pub at this hype square in Rio Vermelho. I was excited to finally see people I cared so much about [and vice-versa], after a long time! Then Vinicius appeared before me, as hype and cool as only he can get. We hugged and when I turned around, there he was: Éder. Surprise!! I had no idea he was coming and uhg, I died when I saw him right there. My knees weakened, my hands sweated... like when your "heart comes undone, slowly unravels [... then] the devil collects it, with a grin". But none of that was showed, I played the coolest I could until the moment of being honest.
On the following day I could not hide my frustration and anger. The night before I spooned him, but it was all so wrong, I knew it... I still did it. Just like a drug you feel like you need but you just want it so badly you see nothing clearly. This is no drama-queening, but my heart ached with a pain I had never felt before, while my whole body felt as tired as a post marathon status. And I still felt like that all day long. I couldn't even speak directly to him and though I believe I had reasons [it's not easy to be dumped and exactly love the person right after it] I hurt myself even more for feeling bad about bitching. I ate like a beggar and shopped like Paris Hilton. Not to mention the million cigarettes I had until the Nave.
Last night as we all walked by the beach I finally told him I would try to be contented with what he could offer me, "even though I'm not used to it. But you must do something on your part, like not treating me weirdly just beacuse now you know I'm in love with you." So he took my arm and laced it with his. I know not how to describe what I felt. I just know it was not good... because it wasn't enough.
My heart was stolen, and...

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Well... heart's burned.
More on that later.
[Song: Dull Flame Of Desire - Björk]

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Okay... today, Madge's new song written by her for the special Live Earth concert that will happen all over the world in July was released. It's called Hey You and it was produced by her and Pharell "Ewww" Williams. Here's what the Ho and I think of it:

)( Lucas Jones)( I'm Exhausted, Leave Me Alone!:
hooo omg
)( Lucas Jones)( I'm Exhausted, Leave Me Alone!:
hey you is the proof
)( Lucas Jones)( I'm Exhausted, Leave Me Alone!:
that madge is not g-d
Tenho saudade.:
)( Lucas Jones)( I'm Exhausted, Leave Me Alone!:
Tenho saudade.:
well, you know i dislike some of her songs
Tenho saudade.:
so i dont agree
Tenho saudade.:
and besides
Tenho saudade.:
g-d made fergie and salma hayek
Tenho saudade.:
there's proof he aint perfect
[Song: Nobody's Perfect - Madonna]

Nervous Breakdown Part Deux

I'm aware that things only happen to us when we allow them; for that I'm feeling extremely guilty. Today I had a Literature exam but I didn't go. I didn't have the head and excitement to study for my favorite discipline and leaving the house intending to go to school is a daily strugle. I feel tired of everything and dropping Literature has been a permanent idea in my mind. No, I don't wanna be a lazy ass doing nothing better than writing for free on this blog and other sites. I want to live on that, writing and getting money with it. So, maybe Journalism is a better option for me [?].
This month I drowned myself in a pond of melancholy. I've been feeling lonely and hating myself for that, because I allowed it to happen. Like a genuine Brazillian I stuck to the bad side of things and saudade just fills me with this emptiness. Since cheap optimism beyond annoys me I totally ignore people's shallow words of get-outta-there-and-get-over; everyone's willing to give an opinion when you open up your heart, but the amount of useless sugestions that come just make me wear my biggest billionaire smile and pretend everything's alright. But that mask is so heavy... I'm exhausted.
Salvador that thrilled me even in my 1st dark month [March] became a big blur from where I wanna run away as fast as I can. Maybe it's my money trouble but if I had money I'd leave here every weekend anyway; anywhere, it could be anywhere. Especially Conquista. Just a while ago I talked to Alais about how much I miss real human touch; I always knew this was hard to get here [big city big problems] but it I didn't expect it to be so challenging. Took a bite bigger than what I could chew.
My cousins came up here to spend the week and their presence has been both an inner joy and pain. Joy because I'm having decent emotional and intellectual intercourse, but in a few days they'll be gone and I'll be back to solitude mode. So I keep counting the days to the semester's end when I'll be able to leave town and see other things and people that might revigorate me. Yes, trusting on external things to make you happy is dumb... but I'm just the dumbest of people at this moment.
[Song: Reason - Melanie C]

Nervous Breakdown

Chronic and unresolved grief [check]
Unemployment [check]
Academic problems [check]
Career burnout [check]
Social stress [check]


[Song: Wanderlust - Björk]

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sing-Along Ho!!

I love your eyes, my dear
their splendid, sparkling fire
when suddenly you raise them so
to cast a swift embracing glance
like lightning flashing in the sky
but there's a charm that is greater still:
when my love's eyes are lowered
when all is fired by passions kiss
and through the downcast lashes
I see the dull flame of desire
and through the downcast lashes
I see the dull flame of desire
Yes, totally useless post. But well, not so much. This is mine and ho's current music obsession. The poem by Fyodor Tyutchev gained Bjork's beautiful melody and Brian Chippendale's one-take-recorded drums. To top it all Björk invited Anthony Hegarty to the duet and her strong vocals combined with his beautiful velvet voice delivered a performance that is both soothing and disturbing. The horns arrangement matched with Chippendale's growing beats give to it an epic glamour, turning the Dull Flame Of Desire in one of the most beautiful romantic stories ever written in poem form.
Well, in other words, this song is gooooooooorgeous!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Depression Movies #2 [Partie Un]: The Feminist

*there might be spoilers*
So tonight, as my very particular form of masochism I decided to watch for the millionth time Pride & Prejudice. Surely some will disagree with me, but I haven't seen lately such a perfect movie. I'm considering the last two years releases, at least. I'll give you three reasons why I think so.
The first and main one is that few film adaptations from novels, especially historically favourite ones such as this, remain so faithful to the original. When I first watched P&P I haven't read the book, although I was already familiar with the author's fame and prestige. The film however, like few others have, gave me this great urge to read the book as soon as possible. After I did all my screenings of the movie are always filled with even more praise on Deborah Moggach and Joe Wright's delightful transfiguration of Jane Austen's humor and writing. Other Austen films like Emma and Oscar winner [for best adapted screenplay] Sense And Sensibility, although being lovely and marvelous have failed to catch me as much as P&P.
The way Wright's camera chronicles the Bennets' lives is so voyueristic that you feel immersed in the movie. There are two specific scenes I never get enough of: at the first ball, during the dance Mr. Bingley is having with Miss Lucas but he and Jane Bennet can't take the eyes from each other, we see Eliza and Miss Lucas peeking at them in way that it feels like it's us who's peeking them all through a keyhole; later when the Bennet girls are leaving Netherfield, Mr. Darcy helps Eliza to get on the carriage... there! That scene is enchanting! It's their first touch and the film filled it with such life and meaning as we see Lizzie's expression and later the close at Mr. Darcy's hand. It reminds me of their first glance at each other back at the ball. It happens so quickly like in real life, hence setting for the public the charachters' passion.
The second point I must once again talk about is the cast. I've hardly seen such a charming ensemble in my life; all the actors worked perfectly in their actings, making those adorable characters coming to life with such naturalness as if we lived in the 18th century. This time I especially got impressed on Kelly Reilly's Caroline Bingley; Mr. Bingley's sister's snobby attitudes and falsehood were performed by Reilly in such a bitchy-yet-discreet way that I was amazed and surprise I never gave much attention to her before. Donald Sutherland's Mr. Bennet's laidbackness is as funny as the book describes; and I totally have no words for Brenda Blethyn and Tom Hollander's performances, they're simply hilarious and captivating; same goes for Carey Mulligan and Jena Malone's as the silly youngest Bennets and the subtle and mesmerzing Rosamund Pike, making Jane the most beautiful of the Bennets indeed [I just wanted to hold her everytime she was onscreen]. Talk about that Dench woman! In her almost-cameo performance she delivers a Lady Catherine de Bourg as bitchy and grand [despite her size] as you imagine that you just hate the hag. Oh and Simon Woods's Mr. Blingley is so cute and innocent you'd put him in a vial and admire him forever.
But surely my favorite actors in this movie are Mathew Macfadyen and Keira Knightley. Mathew has the power of making us fall in love with him at each and every screening. His Mr. Darcy is so poignant and honest that it is kind of cruel how he makes us desiring him to pop out of the screen and coming to us in that final scene. He's as stiff as an 18th century Brit man should be and as charming and thrilling as any Brit man is. As for Keira... well, the woman is G-d! Maybe because I read the book only after I saw the movie, I cannot imagine anyone else as Elizabeth Bennet. As the headstrong and determined woman that Lizzie is, Keira showed us with grand smiles and subtle gestures the character like perhaps Austen had imagined. Lizzie's fierce honesty and deep and sarcastic intelligence burst with life from the eyes and expressions of Knightley. Her voice goes up and/or stumbles at the right moments and the way she's always sweaty and dishevelled is genius!
The third and last reason of my P&P loving is more about the novel than the movie itself. The women from Austen's book are typical 18th century women, except for Eliza of course. Eliza is ahead of her time, that craves for the things women from her time crave, but with a patience, sense and dignity that was rarely found on feminine characters from that period. In a society which a woman had not many options than getting married, Eliza's desire for real and earthquakingly love was groundbreaking. On the plot we know that in case Mr. Bennet died before his daughters got married and left the house, they'd all be thrown to poverty and homelessness. So marriage was a question of survival; still Eliza stood for her beliefs in spite of the dreadful circumstances. Ironically, though, the most heartbreakingly line of the novel, that shows the twisted part of women in that society, is not from Eliza, but from Miss Lucas: "Not all of us can afford to be romantic, Lizzie."[Song: Drowned World/Substitute For Love - Madonna]

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Britney Is G-d

Why? Check it out.

[Song: Mr. Donut - Saint Etienne]

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Kate, The Great

A hundred years ago was born a girl that was to become the best actress in cinema history. 20 years and two months ago was born a boy who only late in his life would wake up to the phenomenon that was/is that woman. 21 years ago was born the guy who was to become one of that woman's greatest enthusiasts... at least the one the first boy knows. I'm talking about Katharine Hepburn, moi and the ho. For a while, the only contact I had with Miss Hepburn was on Madonna's Vogue rap. But after the advent of The Ho in my life I became aware of such genius.
Sinfully all I've seen from her was the genius comedy The Philadelphia Story. And since I'm too fresh to talk decently about this G-d, I'll simply link the man who put her properly in my life: Ho, the great.
[Song: Finer Feelings - Kylie Minogue]

The Pope's In Brasil

"São Paulo - About 160 children [...] waited this Wednesday's, the 9th, afternoon for the arrival of the pope Benedict XVI, at Campo de Marte, north zone of São Paulo.
[...] The children will sing to the pope, along with other 20 teenagers, between 15 and 20-years-old,[...] The welcome song to the pope will be the Hino da Acolhida ['Reception Hymn']"
Orgy at Campo de Marte!!!
[I'm so so so sorry, but I could not resist.]
[Song: Earth Intruders - Björk]

Happiness? Just Go YouTube!

Whitney is G-d!! Give the woman her crack...

And sex can be so glamourous!

[Song: Earth Intruders - Björk]

Friday, May 11, 2007


"I mean, the human race, we are a tribe, let's face it, and let's stop all this religious bullshit. I think everybody, or at least a lot of my friends, are just so exhausted with this whole self-importance of religious people. Just drop it. We're all fucking animals, so let's just make some universal tribal beat. We're pagan. Let's just march."
Björk is G-d!
[Song: Wanderlust - Björk]


After being flirt while I bought my mom's Mother's Day gift and spending more than I should [yup, I bought more movies], I decided to watch Spidey 3.
I won't dignify that crap with a long post, so I'll just say how sadly these super-hero trilogies have been concluded. X-Men 3 last year was a big shit and Pirates got all the way to poopland still on its second part. In Spider-Man 3 they just kicked out the good character development from the first two movies and ridiculously tried to buy us with hyper fast edition and dazzling visual effects. [Well they got it since the crap is a hit everywhere.] Tobey Maguire is beyond annoying and his portrait of an ego-ed Peter Parker was just dull and ridiculous; when Peter Parker became an emo I just wanted to throw stones on the screen. Oh and the whole American nationalism was simply offensive. Thankfully the movie had James Franco, Bryce Dallas Howard and Rosemary Harris. Franco who discreetly did good on the preview ones, here beautifully shines; Dallas gives good screen presence even having a pointless and silly little character; and Harris, well she's G-d. As for Kiki, she's marvelous as always, even singing in some scenes, but I got so annoyed by the movie I just didn't care about her that much.
When I got home I detoxed myself with a delicious Big Mac and a really decent, well made and perfomed blockbuster.
[Song: Wanderlust - Björk]

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Heartbroken Podcast

Uhg, yesterday at Portuguese Language Studies class we watched this documentary about... err... the Portuguese language. So, you all know saudade. Of course there was a moment they said about saudade and there was this genius fado band [Madredeus] playing this beautiful song Ecos Na Catedral. Well, I'm a drama-queen, therefore you know I cried. So, this is simply the mixtape for/from this heartbroken bitch. Corny? Sure! Care? Not a fuck. There are about 40 songs, download as you please or just note how pathetic I am.
2. Where Does The Good Go? - Tegan And Sara [that's all you ask yourself when a love affair is over]
3. Lamb - Gorecki ["If I should die this very momen/I wouldn't feel/For I've never known completeness/Like being here with you/Wrapped in the warmth of you/Loving every breath of you/Still my heart this moment/Oh it might burst"... 'nuff said]
4. Spring - Saint Etienne [Etienne knows how to bring the most heartbreakingly optimistic songs]
5. Dreamsome - Shelby Lynne [it's from Bridget Jones's Diary soundtrack; whaddya think?]
6. Mr. Donut - Saint Etienne ["When I'm far from home/You call me on the phone/And tell me everything/That's happenin' in London/When I'm feeling blue/You call me something new/Another stupid name/That makes me smile..." *dies*]
7. Nothing Fails - Madonna [was there ever anything before this song was written?]
8. You're The One - Kylie Minogue [everything I'd like to say to...]
9. You've Got A Friend - Stacey Kent [wanna get cornier? Add some James Taylor on]
10. Jóga - Björk [the state of emergency]
11. Love Tried To Welcome Me - Madonna [who could've thought that Madge is usually drawn to sadness?]
12. Possibly Maybe - Björk [c'mon, you saw this one coming]
13. Samson - Regina Spektor [fuck, I'll cry again]
14. No Easy Love - Annie ["You rang the door one of a Sunday morning/Said that I was always on your mind"... and I'm still waiting]
15. Dull Flame Of Desire - Björk [one of the best romance stories ever written in song form]
16. How Insensitive - Astrud Gilberto [Vinicius de Moraes and Tom Jobim are G-ds]
17. O Caminho - Bebel Gilberto [try to be indifferent to this, even if you can't make shit out of the words]
18. Every Time We Say Goodbye - Ella Fitzgerald [do I really need to explain it?]
19. Legend - Nelly Furtado [I so much miss chilvary]
20. Qualquer Coisa - Caetano Veloso [simply beautiful]
21. Poney Honey Money - Cansei De Ser Sexy [simply cute... just giving me car memories]
22. Your Hands Are Cold - Dario Marianelli [Mr. Darcy and Miss Eliza Bennet... once again, whaddya think?]
23. Fallen - Sarah McLachlan [the G-d of making-us-cry]
24. Littlest Things - Lily Allen [hmm... now whole Conquista memories]
26. Aún Asi Te Vas - Belanova [this will always be one of my favorite heartbreak songs]
28. Pecado - Caetano Veloso [this is ours ho]
29. River - Madeleine Peyroux [less corny than Taylor, but still, Joni Mitchell]
30. A Home - Dixie Chicks [oh and there's also country music]
31. Try - Nelly Furtado [*cries*]
32. Wish I Could - Norah Jones ["We met in a place I used to go,/Now I just walk by it for show,/Can't bear to go in without you know,/Wish I could,/Wish I could." *cries*]
33. Lovely Head - Goldfrapp [this one's so weird, yet so beautiful]
34. Peach Trees - Rufus Wainwright [my favorite song quote in the whole wide world: "Cause I'm so tired of waiting in restaurants/Reading the critics and comics alone"]
35. Destiny - Zero 7 [just wish this was true to me... lol, ho you know I can get even worst!]
36. Sleep - Azure Ray [the "I can't sleep, I can't speak to you" chorus reminds Saint Etienne's "I can't sleep/thinking of you constantly"]
39. Happy Ending - Mika ["This is the way that we love,/Like it's forever./Then live the rest of our life,/But not together"]