Thursday, January 31, 2008

Why We Rock Each Other's Worlds

a better version of myself diz:
)( Lucas Silvertongue)( I'm The One diz:
)( Lucas Silvertongue)( I'm The One diz:
ure so sexy
)( Lucas Silvertongue)( I'm The One diz:
ure here everyday?
a better version of myself diz:
i know
a better version of myself diz:
)( Lucas Silvertongue)( I'm The One diz:
how YOU doin'?
a better version of myself diz:
im ok
a better version of myself *chews gum*
)( Lucas Silvertongue)( I'm The One diz:
shall we shag now or shall we shag later?
a better version of myself diz:
how much are ya paying me?
a better version of myself *plays with gum*
)( Lucas Silvertongue)( I'm The One diz:
how much do you want me to pay?
a better version of myself diz:
how much do ya have stud?
)( Lucas Silvertongue)( I'm The One diz:
how much do you think i have?
a better version of myself diz:
i cayn't count very well. but if ya have $5 i can do ya for a half hour

*chews gum*
)( Lucas Silvertongue)( I'm The One diz:
do u work with visa or master?
a better version of myself diz:

im amy ryan in gone baby gone

[Song: (you got you got it, you're wow wow wow) Wow - Kylie Minogue]


"Modern day hedonists strive firstly, as their predecessors, for pleasure. But also, hedonists feel that people should be equal, and that the way to achieve that is through allowing much more personal freedom. Hedonists, in the words of an organization known as Hedonist International, 'want joyful togetherness, anarchy, epicurean ideas, multifaceted joy, sensuality, diversion, friendship, justice, tolerance, freedom, sexual freedom, sustainability, peace, free access to information, the arts, a cosmopolitan existence, and a world without borders or discrimination, and everything else that is wonderful but not a reality today.' (Hedonist Manifesto)" [Wikipedia]
In such a fucked up world as this it's taken as cheap selfishness to think of sheer delight. I, however, ignore such as cheap judgements; as the the modern Hedonist manifesto says it's entitled to anyone to have pleasure come in any form.
That Kylie Minogue's X album is a celebration of sorts is already known by fans and great pop music lovers; but that this woman should materialize each of the 13 desires in such colourful and tasteful artistic approaches feels like too much to ask for. But that's what she's been doing so far. 2 Hearts' video is simple and hot, but compared to its follow-ups it feels dark and shy. That's how I saw that when I was least expecting, there's another guilty pleasure by the new queen of Hedonism. The video for Wow.
There she goes again with colored neon walls and poles, impeccable make-up and cinematography and inimitable dance moves that still take your breath away. Minogue with these
New Rave-ish new works of art show that there's absolutely no problem in being outrageously... hedonist.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"I'm Listening..."

Pop culture is something so broad that anything could be part of it. What is basically known is that any movement that finds comfort in the arms of the public can be considered culture, even if we don't like it, even if it's not exactly decent quality.

In recent Pop culture Kylie Minogue [alongside the other main diva you know whom] feels like the Tarantino of Pop music: she mixes and deconstructs genres as if she's simply changing clothes. Her new video, In My Arms, is a great example of it. With colors that make it feel like a staging of famous Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe's portrait, Kylie mixed her 1990's persona [check out the hair from the Confide In Me vide] to a transitory look. With hyperbolic costumes and breathtakingly aesthetic scenarios she released a simple but deeply artistic video.

You might say that it lacks a plot, but who needs a plot with that party of references, that go from the mentioned Warhol to Madonna? In addition, in this current work Minogue homages the 80's - when the music videos lacked plots and feasted on aesthetics.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


...what's worst than waiting 3 weeks for the complete Aimee Mann's discography and receiving a porn file?
[Song: Comin' Back - Bent]

Thursday, January 24, 2008


While I still try to place my head around Ledger's death I hear things from a friend that made me shrug and blush. He said I was someone he learned to admire a lot; that my behaviour and actions somehow became lessons even if I didn't notice.
There's a silly bug inside me that always looked for people's attention and admiration. Despite my eloquent tone and sometimes outrageous manners and thoughts, I have a little shyness hidden the many layers of my being. These layers, mostly carved and constructed during the most recent years of my life are results of a willingness of going deeper and deeper in what I am and what I stand for. I guess that the moment I stopped trying to show who I am and what I'm capable of and simply did my thing, people probably to see these things and start finally admiring me.
This deliberate self-indulgent talk is also the sel-recognition that I have good to give and share. On the posts below I mention the million possibilities dead with Heath, and I suddenly remember a Virginia Woolf line in The Hours; when questioned by her husband why would someone had to die, she with her deep and hoarse voice replies: "Someone has to die in order that the rest of us should value life more. It's contrast."
All my layers, all my principles, all my thoughts and actions, aren't [most of the time] loosed in the wind as I learn that thoughtfulness is the best path to serenity. That I am admired by others makes me fuzzy and perky I cannot deny; but what makes myself mostly fulfilled is that I'm myself's most admire, and no one can take that I away from me.
[Song: Liz On The Top Of The World - Dario Marianelli]

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Young Death

I'm still trying to cope with my feelings towards Heath Ledger's death.
For a while I was feeling guilty for being sad about the death of a celebrity while tons of people die this young here in Brasil. Then I started to think why was I sad and why should I feel guilty. First, just because he was a celebrity doesn't mean we can't feel his death; I read this on TFE:
"It's a media saturated voyeuristic age and we are essentially encouraged from all sides to be interested in the lives of beautiful strangers. And the movies have always served as an enticing proxy, a heightened version of real life; Experience this story. Feel this catharsis. Relate to this performance."
That way my guilt for mourning someone famous' death more than I mourned my granduncle's went away. It's not like I'm putting Ledger on the stupid "hero" pedestal, but to understand my feelings towards it I'm considering his death as not a "celebrity tragic death", but as "a young man's tragic death".
As every other young man, Heath Ledger was a well of possibilities; the difference is that we knew it because the media showed/told us all the time and we chose to see/listent to it. But that's where my feelings stop, I guess. I'm not worried in defining how and why Ledger died; my heart is only trying to understand why his death is tragic. And that's what I wrote on the previous post mean.
Those lesser things will be learned by us after scientific report about his death. Autopsy will determine how and why he died. For now I can only think what does it all mean to mean...
[Song: I Don't Blame You - Cat Power]

Heath Ledger And The Infinite Possibilities

Ever since watched on 10 Things I Hate About You Heath Ledger was for me a rising star. With his sexy and piercing Australian smile he shone before my eyes whenever I saw him onscreen. Firstly all the hype gotten with Brokeback Mountain excited me, then it bored me because BBM bored me; but his performance was never snubbed in my mind. For me he was already a great actor of his generation.
Celebrities in our time are the kings and queens of the past; and the media's high speed makes us know about their lives faster, having us feeling intimate with them more than what we wished. So, when a celebrity dies it's normal to have a commotion everywhere. To learn about Heath's sudden death was and has been shocking. People, and even us sometimes, might act skeptic about feelings over a stranger's death, but any death is close.
Now, as I mull over the facts and see how much people are putting the effort in trying to figure out such sudden loss, I feel my heart weight down and my mind wheel as I read more and more stuff about his supposed last hours. Why? Why am I affected by a distant celebrity's departure?
I guess that the reason lies more on what Ledger represented to me and my generation than Ledger himself.
Ledger represented the young promises, the infinite possibilities, the limitless ability and capacity. He characterized youth and his deep and long future. And with his death, it is the death of all of those things. No one imagines someone dying so young and that's why it's so shocking, especially because his deeds has been serving as models for many others from his age or younger. At this moment I not only speak of Mr. Ledger, but also of every promising youngster - famous or not - who died before all the promises inherent to his being became facts.
Heath Ledger however, will also be very missed.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Other Thoughts On The Same Thing

And after I ate I decided to take a look at the technical nods and realized that the love for Atonement is bigger than I thought. Actually I knew it'd get most of its nods on the tech-cats but my obsession for acting performances made me overlook them.
So, it's also up for Cinematography - and no matter how great the others probably are, I can't see how they're better than Seamus McGarvey's for my beloved movie, - Art Direction, Costume Design and [YES] Original Score!! And I guess that this is the category to which I root the most, because I know the other ones are practically impossible. So on 24th February, if Dario Marianelli leaves the Kodak Theatre [if the ceremony happens] without his Oscar I'll be real pissed.
Additional happiness comes from the Original Song nods. YAY for Falling Slowly from genius musical Once and Enchanted's Happy Working Song and That's How You Know, especially because we will have Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová singing and also and hopefully AMY ADAMS for the Disney movie.
But again: if the ceremony happens.
*pessimistic bitch mode on*
Edit: Lucas you shithead! You let your emotions run freely and you don't listen to things properly! The old guy [who is called Gil Cates you insolent child] actually said that the ceremony WILL not only happen, but Jon Stewart's the host. At least it's what this says.
Edit 2:
[the ho] a better version of myself diz:
oh schnabel is from ny
[me])( Lucas Silvertongue)( OSCAAAAAAAAAAAAARS diz:
yeah i learned that later
a better version of myself diz:
he was practically a lock for director
)( Lucas Silvertongue)( OSCAAAAAAAAAAAAARS diz:
but those were my thoughts then and i didnt have that info
[Song: Gatekeeper (One Room One Hour Mix) - Feist]

My Thoughts During [And After] The Oscar Nods

This is the first time I do it this way. I woke up early to run to the PC and see the nods announcement live by streaming. So, I finally installed the needed plug-in and few minutes later the old man I forgot the name was there to announce the top 5 names on each of the main categories, and to assist him was lovely Kathy Bates. But I was sooooooo excited and so in a hurry to open this f-ing Blogger page that I barely looked at their faces.
So the nods!
- Supporting Actress: I stomped my fet happily when Saoirse Ronan was anounced for Atonement. All the others were absolutely no surprise for me; they even said Blanchett for I'm Not There first, displaying a major lack of sense of suspense, but okay. After having watched Juno the night before I had a little silly spark inside me that hoped Jen Garner would be the year's big surprise. But well, nah.
- Supporting Actor: my jaw dropped as I heard Casey Affleck's name for The Assassiantion. Not that I thought it was surprise, but that instantly something clicked inside and I imagined the Affleck love being spread all over the Oscars and having the other Affleck as best director. But as for the rest of the guys, it'll be my new catch-phrase: NO SURPRISE AT ALL.
- Actress: Made me happy: Ellen Page [Juno], Julie Christie [Away From Her] and Laura Linney [The Savages]. Made me a bit angry: Cate Blanchett for The Golden Age, simply because every reviewer I read hated it and it's a common sense it is a shitty movie, so her nod is pure blind love. Alright alright, Cate IS the wonderful actress they're trying to convince us she is. But that's it AMPAS, we already know she is! Long time before you do dopeheads!! So in my hurt and resentful heart you should've saved that spot for someone who was in a more deserving film; let's say: Keira Knightley!! Okay, it was obvious I'd go that road. The other nominee that gave me no as much thrill as I had for the others was Marion Cotillard for La Vie En Rose, the best part of it was the old guy trying to pronounce her name properly but never succeeding it. Linney also left a bit surprised because I've seen almost no buzz at all for The Savages; but I'm sure she's exquisite in it, as always, so torrents here I go.
- Actor: At first I got angry about McAvoy's snub, but then I remembered/realized that despite wonderful his character wasn't that big. Tommy Lee Jones [In The Valley Of Elah] was a surprise for me and so was Emile Hirsch's [Into The Wild] snub. At first I got angry with Depp there but then I pinched myself to remind me I still haven't seen Sweeney Todd and that despite the annoying hype and the I-wanna-be-a-freak rut that Depp's in, he tends to be a good actor. And YES, love for Viggo Mortenson [Eastern Promises]! Whom I'll hopefully see today on my lovely PC so I can cheer for him, now that my dream of Atonement was semi-crushed.
- Director: honestly, the only surprise was Julian Schnabel for French Diving Bell And Butterfly, but not so much at its nomination in fact, but the fact he's foreign; but then I go again, why am I surprised? AMPAS is not that xenophobe. I'm happy for Jason Reitman's [Juno] nod but nothing surprised me here.
- Original Screenplay: You have no idea of how much I cheered and jumped as I heard Diablo Cody's Juno. Apart from Ratatouille I still haven't seen any of the others, so I can't say I'm totally happy or not with this. But according to the buzz there's no surprise to be happy at.
- Adapted Screenplay: Finally the love for Atonement starts to be shown!! But, alright I know about the unfair Atonement backlash, I can't say I fully understand it but I know about it. But I'm happy Christopher Hampton's genius screenplay was considered, even if I know it will not win; unless AMPAS is really up to surprising us. I also was happy for Sarah Polley's nod, because Away From Her is a marvel of a story. As for the others I'm still to watch.
- Foreign Film: Isreal, Austria, Poland, Kazakshtan and Russia; which means: no Brasil. Can't say I'm not disappointed, but I haven't seen the others yet - so I have till 24th February to be mad at AMPAS.
- Animated Film: When the Foreign Film shortlist was out last week I saw a huge and angry uproar for France's Persepolis and Romania's 4 Months, 3 Weeks & 2 Days. I haven't watched any of them yet and for the whole anger they're supposed to be good. But, in my humble opinion I always knew Persepolis would be in for animated film, after all it IS an animated film, so I never really understood it's snub at the foreign film category, but kept my mouth shut, after all what do I know? But yeah, guess I was right all the time.
- Best Picture: The love for Atonement is shown at its best and I'm wonderfully happy! But as for the rest there is no surprise at all! I wasn't expecting any though. I'm happy for Juno's nod and I'm pretty sure of the best contenders for this cat this year, so I'm not very excited about it as I am for the acting fields.
And since surprise was probably the most prominent word on this post, the old bitch guy is saying that the show is A SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That it will either happen or notm depending on how the Writer's strike will end!! Can you believe it? All the suspense they didn't give us for Blanchett's nods they're giving on this. But as for what concerns the nods, really: no surprise at all.
[Song: Ghost Song - Patrick Wolf]

Friday, January 18, 2008


...because I enjoyed doing it.
[Song: Fever - Kylie Minogue]

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Things About Me And This Blog That Is Kind Of Useless To Know But I'll Tell Anyway

Whenever I title a post "Whoever, I Love You" I'm parodying Madonna's Vogue's line that says: "Bette Davis, We Love You".
So, just now I realized that in the 2 and half years of this blog's existence I never actually wrote "Bette Davis, I Love You", so ho tell me Davis movies to download right away! Apart from All About Eve of course, you know my love for that one.
[Song: the whichever song my dad is listening on his laptop - Billie Holiday]

Monday, January 14, 2008

Amy Adams, I Love You!

When I watched Junebug I instantly fell in love with her. Her character had a naivité that broke my heart in a thousand pieces everytime she was onscreen. From that moment on she became to me one of those actresses I'd be happy to follow the works and root for at any awards season.
Friday I watched Charlie Wilson's War and for my surprise there she was, stunningly beautiful with her huge blue eyes trotting loyally behind Tom Hanks/Mr. Wilson as his assistant, I couldn't take my eyes off her, and when she and Julia were both onscreen I had horrible inner struggles to decide which I'd direct most of my attention.
So yesterday I hurried to the cinema as soon as I knew Enchanted had openned - even if it was fucking dubbed. And despite that turndown I still felt a joy in the theatre that I didn't feel in a long time! I felt so in the mood that even popcorn I bought! And I'm definitely not a fan of popcorn.
Enchanted is the usual Disney silly children oriented comedy, but the first good part of it is how adoringly self-indulgent it is, paying homage to most of Disney's biggest classic animations.
The second and most important part of Enchanted being worthy your money is surely Amy Adams; to know that the film is silly is obvious but you'll never feel it from Adams's so beautiful and humble performance. You never feel the film being judged from her, especially because it seems like she's having the time of her life playing Giselle's maneirisms. Was that musical scene at the Central Park solely designed to make me happy? And when she arrives at the ball, was that dress solely picked up to make my breath flee my lungs completely?
Despite the film's flaws you can't help loving it because of Adams. I left the theatre so happy that I didn't mind walking home - I did it singing it.
I just saw at IMDb that next year she'll be on the silver screen under the direction of Norah Ephron. Guess who's going to be her co-star...
[Song: That's How You Know - Amy Adams]

I Don't Blame You

I went out today to have lunch with Purki and as soon as I came back I turned the PC and 've been Cat Power-ing ever since!!! I'm addicted!! But with lines like these:
"Just because they knew your name,
Doesn’t mean they know from where you came"
who can blame me?
[Song: After It All - Cat Power]

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Dad and aunt travelled to Salvador yesterday and I'm home alone for the first time in a very long time in Conquista. And needless to say how alleviated I feel, having the house only for me with no worries of sound volume or where to smoke [as long as I carry an incense along]. The mood is so sweet that I'm even enjoying my introspection at my utmost, avoiding people's presence and all.
Last night Purki and some others came over, but I still felt so on my own and as they blabbered around I watched Björk in my room; I didn't even mind to sleep in the middle of Pan's Labyrinth. I remembered a question the ho did me a while ago: "how do you handle always being around people?" And at that moment I didn't have an exact reply for that, because the fact was that I've been needing a time by myself...
Just to listen to anything I want without hearing complaints, write peacefully without no one asking me things and crap. So at this time I wanna thank some entities for making my days:
- Nessa Carlton - for having the coolest and sweetest songs to sing along;
- Feist - for giving me the best of introspective songs;
- my aunt - for going with my father...
- Norah Jones - for inviting me to come away with her;
- Keira Knightley - for making me cum and cry at the same time with her beauty;
- Dario Marianelli - for writing such beautiful scores;
- Julia Roberts - for showing everyone how to light up a screen;
- Björk - for always fulfilling the gaps and silent spaces; and,
- dear leisure - for just existing and allowing me to write such useless post without feeling guilty.
[Song: Come Away With Me - Norah Jones]

Friday, January 11, 2008

Oh Keira!!

I'm fond of novelas and last year there was one that thrilled me the most. A sort of screwball comedy about six childhood friends having their chance again together as adults. One of them was played by stunningly beautiful actress, Juliana Paes. She's the typical TV actress who's mostly there for her looks than for her acting. However, in this novela she surprisingly shone and I thought that maybe, under a decent direction and a better text than a good-but-still-subdued-by-ratings soap she could do a good job.
Joe Wright's brilliant second film Atonement is not a bit close of a soap, but I remembered Paes as I saw Keira Kightley moving vivaciously on that mesmerizing emerald dress. Often bashed for her crappy movies [yes, I'm talking about Pirates], but it's incredible how much she shines and impresses when in a greatly directed movie. In her first work with Wright, my beloved Pride & Prejudice, she not only got an Oscar nod as she grabbed me by the balls and made me love her craft despite the previous shitty movies. In Atonement she steals you with a performance so filled with fire and maturity that your heart coldily warms every time her beautiful glance fills the screen with Cecilia's sorrow.
As a cinephile-wannabe I admit I still don't know much about films' techniques and specialities, but I can recognize a good acting performance when I see one. Keira's efforts on Wright's movies are for me top of the line stuffs, enough to place her among my favorite actresses alive. So I shall pray for one thing "oh Keira, keep doing at least a decent good film a year!" That would make me cinematically happy in every twelve months. Atonement is a last year's movie and it satiated my 2007 Keira thrist, as much as it did for my 2007 film craving so far. I still have other to see, but this movie made chill with each and every frame of it.
[Song: Briony - Dario Marianelli]

Monday, January 07, 2008

Step Out Loser!

Today's Kabbalah daily tune up said:
"Step outside yourself today. Check in with your thoughts throughout the day. Notice how much time you spend thinking about what you need."
Less than five minutes before I was just rambling with myself about what I needed.
Ana Clara returned today from Rio. I was missing her so much and to spend the day with her was a natural thing to do and I was glad to do it. Still there was something irking me; and well, it was me, with my moody introspection that sometimes is very usual and necessary, but others is annoying. Like today.
So after making a pit stop at Loli's I decided to leave and reel into myself, to finally get home and realize that that wasn't my best option. Of course that it's better to be annoying alone than ruining poeple's mood, but in the end it wouldn't be so hard to push myself a little farther. To step outta me at least for today... as a start.
[Song: Wind In The Wires - Patrick Wolf]

Friday, January 04, 2008

In 2008...

...Lucas will hit the road!
Tired of this harbour where the habitants just dabble around irrealities, he will save money for travelling to as much places as he can. The first stop is nothing less or more than Rome, Italy! Ever since Mr. Dollar got cheaper his father realized that traveling abroad costs the same as traveling inland, and sometimes even cheaper. So there they're going in early April, for a fifteen days trip. But feeling restless and relentless ever since the trip to Rio, Lucas has decided that this year he will spend less on domestic booze and save for other places' boozes.
All the crazy björkian talk is to inagurate another year of this blog with a light and down-to-earth feeling of accomplishment. Tired of daydreaming with trips, places and different people, Lucas simply decided to work for it, by saving money and actually working! Spooky, uh? But yeah, he's to become the ultimate working girl and start facing reality.
So, happy and full-of-accomplishments 2008 for everyone!
[Song: Wanderlust - Björk]