Monday, April 28, 2008

Finally!! Finally!! Finally!!

And rocking the electro-pop airwaves and all the fashion runways from Norhtern Summer and Southern Winter: Annie!
I fell in love with her a couple years ago, when I realized her album was a piece of pure and sheer delight, ignoring the haters who think that to sing you need a voice [and you know what I mean!]. And as I started to miss her more badly I find out she's coming back!
I Know UR Girlfriend Hates Me is lovely pop song that should be ignored if sung by [let's say] Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani or even Shakira. They'd probably give a slutty quality to the thing, and it's Annie's barely there personna that makes her music so appealing. It's like you know that it could be performed by anyone else, but as you think of annieone whom could do it, annieone but Annie runs your mind.
And to top it all, what the heck is that video?!?! An Umbrellas Of Cherbourg redux? I mean, those set/costumes mix is simply genius! When the yellow thing came along I fell off my chair and wanted to cry with such perfection!
It's a pity she's not majorly known, but alto it's not! A Celeb status would probably make her less rare and precious.

[Song: Me Plus One - Annie]

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Casual Candy

Still on the flow of her previous album, I'll spill some confessions about Madonna's new album. Confession #1: I was prone to hate Hard Candy since the start. Yes, that's awful – but as Hip Hop isn't my cup of tea, I decided in advance that bitch it was my job. Confession #2: but in the end, I didn't see why.
I'm a Madge fan for some years now, but I'm not fated to love everything she does. Hard Candy, for instance, has a flaw that should never be on a Madonna work: the lack of Madonna. The Pop Music G-d has always worked with underground producers; obviously she never [re]invented wheels with each project, but the fact that she was releasing that producer would unconciously give a Madonna soul to the whole thing.
For “Candy” she chose The Neptunes, Timbaland and colaborations by Justin Timberlake and Kanye West. All these guys are ultra-mega hyped and have egos as big as hers. So, when you listen to “Candy” you see more Timbal and Pharrell working, than Madonna. Sometimes, it sounds like she's throwing the Rihanna/Beyoncé/Fergie, when SHE is the inventor of those Pop-whores.
However, when you stop to think about these pseudo-intelecutal stuffs, the album is filled with "masterpieces of the beats". “Candy Shop” is a delicious opening, with a Missy Elliott-worthy sass. And while some songs like Give It 2 Me and Dance 2night are those which will boil the dancefloors around the world, there are pearls like Heartbeat and Miles Away, that are sung with a verve that wasn't expected from the almost-50 lady in such a "colde" moment of her career.
My favorite aspect of the songs are the twists. On most of them are moments that everything changes, and you have a new song into the same track. The best one in that matter is, deffinitely, Incredible. The song sheds opinions, but it's the one which best defines the album. Just like "Incredible", Hard Candy has breathtaking moments - like a wild sex night (“sex with you is incredible!”), but with someone that after the orgasm gets up and leaves... not with someone you longtime know. But, as she says on the best track of the album, Beat Goes On: “I'm not telling you something new/There ain't no time to lose/It's time for you to celebrate."
[Song: Incredible - Madonna]

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'll always love the unusual and unexpected indie versions of dirty pop music! Even if this sounds a million light years better than the original version, it makes me want to pole dance with Britney instead.
Thanks to
Glenn for alerting the world to this gem.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Corraaaao! Wanderlust + Alcohol...

Ahh Itacaré! Piece of hell in the middle of the coast! Hot as fuck, but as they say "some like it hot". Stopped on time, where songs from 5 million years ago play as if they're the latest hits: "eu só quero é ser feliz, andar tranquilamente na favela onde eu nasci..."
There was Lucas mucho loco on last Friday night, heavily drunk, to say the least, and to two friends come up with the idea:
"Let's go to Ilhéus?"
"What... now?"
"Yes. But it has to be now!!"
"Let's go dude! Now!"
Nearly an hour and some arrangements later there I was in the backseat of a Pegeout 206 heading to Ilhéus! It certainly was the greatest madness I've done; but everything was chilled, we had enough money for a day and zero commitments for the weekend. However, none of these implications were thought, I just went with the groove and suddenly there I was in the middle of the Massal Mountains [a beautiful place as I could verify on the trip back], high on Shut Up and fogs.
Around 6AM we were in Ilhéus, we stopped at an apparently good bakery [note-to-self: "apparently" sucks!], drunkness was gone and we figured out what we just had done:
"What the fuck are we doing here?!"
Withou a single idea of where to stay or what to do, I suggested we'd go to Itacaré [a kilometers after Ilhéus], where at least there would be nice beaches to see.
Once there, we'd check into an inn with the condition of an air conditioning in the bedroom; despite conquista's heat, us plateus kids are not used to plains' heat, especially on the coasts. And the first thing to do after settling up was: sleep. Before fallin asleep I thought that that was the most extravagant nap of my life, and laughing of the whole thing was the least to do, after all shit was already done. lol.
It was a tranquil weekend, dispite the sudden isanity - but, for all the time, I was thinking and certified myself of the uncontrolled core of wanderlust. Even if other had sung the desire to move, I believe that none was as eloquent and genius as that Icelandic devil, with her highly opportune screams and that brass section full of energy and wandering life.
Obviously trips like these are filled with revelation and unexpected, but certainly good acts. The greatest kick of the wanderlust drug is the fact of jumping into the unknown, so the unexpected was embraced by 50 million arms. However, they're sacred - then, they'll remain in secrecy.

[Song: Tout Doucement - Feist]

Monday, April 07, 2008

Adieu Uli

Last night I posted on my movie blog about how every classic artist has been dying this year. During the night a classic figure in my life passed away: Ulisses, our oldest dog, got horribly sicky overnight and died this morning. Dad says it could've been a heart attack... but who cares?
Ulisses was a character! As young he used to be the bitchy thing that bickered whenever you approached him; he was carrying things around as if saying "hey, you came! look, i can carry things!" As he got older, he became the most blasé dog in the house: he loved us to pet him, but snarled at first, just for the sake of bitching. He had those low eyes and we suspected he was becoming blind, because he'd stare at the same spot for very long minutes. Still he was a lovely thing to have a round.
I shall miss him very much - especially because he was my most loved companion on drunk nights, when I'd get home alone and he'd already be waiting for me on my bedroom's door.
Rest in peace Uli.
[Song: Não É Fácil - Marisa Monte]

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Because She's An Icon, No Matter What!

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