Monday, August 15, 2005

The Circle Will Come Around...

I guess this is the most neglected blog of the web... but I promise to kill my lazyness and write more often here (liar!).
Well, a lot happened since my last post and that's why the title of this one fits properly in what is to come. It's somewhat weird how we, in a moment, have an opinion and position about a certain situation and how we say to ourselves "this is it! There's no come back this time!", and suddenly we get ourselves facing this thing again and making the decisions we avoided before.
It reminds me of a pre-fame Michelle Branch song called Second Chances. Sometimes we have million second chances. The Light is always giving us many oportunities, not to do over, but to do better, try harder. When we catch ourselves having these second chances we get sure that the circle does come around, and we should move with it. If fate gives us the chance to try again, do so! Shall we not waste precious opportunity with pride and ego. Things happen in our lives to make us grow and have a larger notion from situations. There I was bragging myself for "letting go" of a virtual relationship, when I actually was very tied to it.
Enough of the "love-bla-bla-bla"...

My dear COW is about to release a new album in November! The COW is Madonna and the album is Confessions On A Dancefloor. We from the Madge-World are all excited about Hung Up's (1st single) launch and all the forthcoming projects. We'll have a very Madonna Christmas this year! And I can't wait for it!!!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

To Stop Pretending...

You know like when you really get away for a while, and start thinking about everything you've been doing in your life and the other things you've been losing due to your current actions?
Well, July was the month of thinking. My computer got sick and almost passed away, of course I was petrified, how could I live without my PC? Then I started to do the things I wasn't doing through the whole semester, and I felt like re-descovering life. I saw friends I didn't see for months, I left the shell to find a dull, but fun when you wanted, city. Revisited thoughts and feelings, re-heard all my favorite CDs, wrote some poems and started a tale, found new obsessions and even got out of the closet (for my mom and friend Juliana only).
But the most important thing is that I liberated myself from a future-less feeling, a romance that got me stuck for 4 months. I don't regret have lived it, but right now I don't want to cloister and hibernate for another half-year. I definitelly had decided to stop pretending I was fulfilled. Am I fulfilled? Of course not! I still haven't found what I'm looking for... but now I'll look for it in the real world.