Sunday, May 25, 2008


And I didn't see this when it was released!!!:

Adventure, drama, marvelous cinematography, breathtaking performances and romaaaaaaaaaaaance, romance to make your socks rock!!!!!!
Is Australia to be the 21'st century's ...Gone With The Wind?!
[Song: Scarlett Ribbons - Róisín Murphy]

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Noob¹Times: Stalker Song - Premiere

Inventing some new series for this quasi-mortum blog. The Stalker Song is the one that makes me hype as I play the stalker on Orkut - the sound that injects endorphyn as you commit the guilty pleasure of grub people's lives on the Internet.

At this opening there won't be a song, but a whole album that today put me a mover el esqueleto, as I stalked a certain Julio Raposo's profile [whom I won't link]. The chosen one is the ultra-adrenalizing Overpowered [WILL SOMEONE GET ME THAT OUTFIT YESTERDAY!!!!] from Miss Róisín Murphy [pronounced rosheen]. As history repeated the last time she was featured here, I couldn't simply choose one between the many tracks that aroused my best Nosferatu impulse.
The 5 highlights from my nerd-flirt [considering that my profile will probably be got on his stalker-radar... human behaviour on the web is indeed very complex] were:
5. Overpowered: "when I think that I'm over you, I'm overpowered" - uhh that's me! An obsessive mind like mine works like that, under a choking rhythm. Obviously who gets smothered is moi, but fuck it! Most of the times it's just for fun anyways. lol
4. Footprints: simply because the word "footprints" has everything to do with stalking and crimes - at least for me.
3. Let Me Know: this is my current definitive-romantic-song. There's a part on the wonderful Ian McEwan's novel, Atonement, that Cecilia Tallis imagines if the man she's meeting for the first time is the one she'll marry and have kids with and then, projects her life with thim. Now tell me folks: who in safe mind doesn't do exactly this? So, if my life were a musical, it would be this exact song that would play whenever I met someone - dans vraie vie, or on shitty . And the scene would be such as thus:

2. Cry Baby: okay, it has nothing with Orkut vouyerism - but above I talked about adrenaline injections; but once again this wonderful thing of Jesus played and I had hair and arms waving all around!
1. Primitive: this is one of the most romantic songs of my life [so far]. I like to imagine a tiger or a puma hunting whenever I listen to this; the word stalker is already very animalistic and this song - OI - is its quintessence! There I was fine and well sleeping when I wake up with it buzzing in my head, first thing I did was to log on to nose some profiles.

Very well, every week then there will be an ombudsman moment of self-depreciation, only with the good musical approach, after all, one thing is to play the stalker and admit it - another is to write a post about it. bEIjos!

¹noob = newbie, or in this case: silly.

[Song: If We're In Love - Róisín Murphy]

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Orkut Says:

Today's fortune: Your dearest wish will come true.

I only hope so!
[Song: My Best Friend - Annie]

Saturday, May 17, 2008

This Is Why...¹

Revisiting the past I came to re-watch this perfection! ¹This is why I love Madonna till death - no one can put up a show like her:

To an overview perspective:

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Top 5 : Electro-Indienization

Indie Yes! Boring Jamais!
After all the Indie Rock thing with me I just felt I missed a good-old dancefloor; so following the tracks of Saint Etienne who rocked my world with their marvelous House beats, I came to naturally find more names of the Indie Dance scene. Here and bellow 5 acts that are rocking my world and body.
Honorable Mentions:
- Give It 2 Me [by Madonna]. There's nothing of Indie in it and at face value it's R&B, but pay attention to its wild variations and you notice such an exciting Dance act like Madonna hasn't done in a loooooong long time.
- Like A Drug [by Kylie Minogue]. It's no surprise that my favorite Dance divas would be here. At the moment they're the only non-Indie stuff I can't stop playing, and "Like A Drug" with it's empowered intro and massively involving synths "got me hooked, getting me on the floor."
Top 5:
[5] Helpless Fool For Love [by Annie]. Miss Annie is a forever favorite thing. I've talked some about her here, and she has featured a lot of post songs - and now, as I [re]connect with the new rave scene I start to recollect and re-listen to her simple but gorgeous album debut - Anniemal. "Helpless Fool" is an exciting mid-tempo thing that has a great hook directly synchronized with the obsessive lyrics. But warning: if you don't trully love the Electro-Dance thing, don't even try Annie.
[4] Je Veux Te Voi [by Yelle]. There's this Brazilian band, called Bonde do Rolê, that is bombing the world with their [even more] irreverent approach of the Favela Funk. Yelle is the gringo thing nearest to what the Funk Carioca is. She however has more elaborated/electrified beats and production, plus the lyrics and singing-style is even closer to Hip-Hop than to the Proibidão. "Je Veux Te Voi" can sound annoying to non-likers of the style, but for those who love a good sluttish and exciting song this is a treat.
[3] A Cause Des Garçons (TEPR Remix) [by Yelle]. I have this new dancefloor dream [lol] that is to dance to this song like these guys. Tecktonik is the new deal. Hey, don't be surprised if Madonna shove it into her Sticky & Sweet tour [it would perfectly match with "Give It 2 Me"]!
[2] Cry Baby [by Róisín Murphy]. A couple of friends told me to download her, I downloaded but it took me ages to finally give her a try. Stupid stupid Lucas!! Always delaying the good things for himself! I'm still addicted to every single song of her two solo albums, so much I dunno which I should choose, but Cry Baby [that has an incredible beat that reminds a bit of Donna Summer's long-time imitated classic, I Feel Love, but even more up-tempo and an atmosfera capable of kicking you out dancing all over the place] was the one playing as I started writing this position, so there it goes.
[1] Sing It Back [by Moloko]. When I told a friend I was in love with Murphy but I didn't know anything from Moloko he felt a bit offended. So he sent me a couple of videos and I understood why. THEY'RE PURE PERFECTION!! With a more organic approach of Electro-Dance music, their songs had more live instrumentals than most of the scene - something like what Saint Etienne does. This performance bellow was the one who rocked my socks; Róisín's personna, presence and beauty is breathtaking!!! Every vocalist wannabe should dream to be as exciting and chic.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Crucial Moments

When do you know you need a life style makeover?
- When you wake up in the middle of the night having flashbacks of longtime gone health problems, such as: half-an-hour long unstoppable sneezing breakdown.
When do you know that you REALLY need that makeover?
- When your brain automatically blames the pate au scargot you ate hours before at dinner.
When do you know you're romantically desperate?
- When you have sexy-romantic dreams with a guy you don't even think is that handsome and you like it.
When do you know you're pathetic in that matter?
- When your dream-self knows that it's a dream, but you're so excited that you tell youself over and over that that is not a dream, it is real and happening and life will be beautiful from that moment on, because finally you've found someone who's not the ideal form you always hoped for but he's real, he's there, it's a dick, it's a hot dick that will make others envious... okay I cut it.
[Song: Shadows - Rufus Wainwright]

Friday, May 09, 2008

Does Anyone Know... moch is a train ticket from Rome to London?
Three days ago the KylieX2008 hit off, the newest and most bombastic undertaking by my beloved Kylie Minogue! I saw some photos from the frist show in the charming Paris, home of the tour's costume designer: no other than Jean Paul Gaultier. Man, think of Perfection! Today I got a newsletter talking about it, saying it has nothing less than 10 dancers and 4 acrobats, and a whole brand new band [and we know Kylie does everything live ok!], including a brass section [HelloBjörk!!!].
But of course the tour's only booked [until now] to Europe. Kylie is the artist that I have no hope in seing live here in Brasil, soooooooooooooo... considering that Lucas will be in Italy between July 25 and August 9, I repeat the 1st question: HOW MUCH IS A TRAIN TICKET FROM ROME TO LONDON?!?!? Because the ticket is under my budget [I'm happy to know that even with the whole technologic aesthetic apparatus, Kylie isn't as capitalist as the Candy Shoper], all that rests me is going to London City!
In the meantime, just check out such beauties!!!

Thursday, May 08, 2008


"ui madonne vose ta acabade! relasha vamos migrate" "uhg... fuck off mocreiah! you don't have my name!"

Funny but this feud as old as fuck. At the same time of Confessions On A Dance Floor's release Mariah released the album that brought her back to the critics and general public's arms [the fans don't count], The Emancipation Of Mimi. In 2008 Mariah tries to maintain her position as America's queen with E=MC², while Madge [aparently] tries with Hard Candy what Mimi did for Mariah 3 years ago. Before the launch of both albums the media was already declaring the war; even if none of them officially endorses it [surely the two of them feel they're too old and settled for such crap].
On a usual past I'd simply say "fuck it... of course Madonna's the best," but today things are different, considering that my fanaticism for Mrs. Ciccone-Ritchie and dislike for Carey shrinked. Days before of finally listening to HC I was already addicted to the nonsense formula of Mariah; and though I don't give much damn to these media stupidities about these two, I myself had already installed an inner quarrel about who would do the best Urban-driven album of the season.

Why Mocreiah*?
Mariah Carey's greatest achievement this year was breaking the ice I put between me and her. Obviously I condemned Touch My Body without even trying; but then I simply fell in love with the camp that Mariah perfectly brings. The best thing is that she acts as if it's not! But this lack of self-consciousness is one of the strongest and tastiest American Black Music's features. Are there tackier things than bling-blings, hockey clothes with sideways caps and slutty pants with stilletoes? But, dude, it's they're way! and the fact that they cheerfully embrace it is a lot laudable.
Mariah Carey is one of the personifications of all of this.
Rolling Stone says that she embraces her extremes like no other: "She's either grinding out R&B-hop or singing syrupy ballads, talking dirty or cuddling with a Hello Kitty. Her tenth studio album is no different: It starts in a club and ends in a church."
Deeply I admire people like this. Who cares if she's as deep as a bowl? The cool thing is that she's fun.

Why Mandonna*?
Simply because even when I decide to hate her I don't succeed. Hard Candy is the best example that first impressions are not always the best. Any Madge-maniac with [pseudo] intelligence and critic sense quickly opens the mouth to yell that this album is a lot inferior to any of her others'. But it takes attentive hearings to not only the lyrics, but especially the arrangements to realize that the prepotency is more yours than Madonna's.
What I mean is: Hard Candy's lyrics are great! They're all introspective and mostly very well crafted, but above all things they're unpretentious. Reading other reviews I noticed that the only politicized lyrics are 4 Minutes's, and still in a subtle way. The fact Madonna is not trying to save people's souls from hell with her music is actually good. We fans surely love when she tells us to fuck off and then say "put away your past/love will never last/if you're holding on to a dream that's gone"; but not everybody, actually most of people, give a shit about that.
In Candy it's like she presented herself to please; but Madonna style. She knows we'll suck everything she stuff into our mouths anyway - not for ignorance, but because her sugar is always sweet! So, I take back what I wrote on my initial review, that Hard Candy's biggest flaw is to have less Madonna than usual. Probably that's the album's best quality, because like all the Yoga crap she usually does on her dance routines, she shows how flexible she is. Although Timbol, Justin and Pharrell's ghosts are very strong in Hard Candy, they're all there because and for Madonna.

Candy X Physics
Which would you choose? I know which I'd choose without blinking. However in this candy and this Physics class' cases, choosing isn't so easy.
E=MC² is a typical specimen of its genre, while Hard Candy is more like a fusion of the Urban Pop's beats and the Dance Music's wackoness. Try to thoroughly listen to the Material Girl's new album and you'll notice a million details almost psychedelic. That's why I pick the obvious option: Candy. Like she said, it is a hard candy but one day you'll end up swallowing and adoring it.

In the end, both albums are accurate proofs that without prejudice you can go far. Mariah's has the quality of opening doors to the R&B, for the unpretension before its importance or lack of it. Nor the Emancipation or this Einstein parody will be remembered for more than its commercial status due to their wisdom of giving what is wanted [Mariah has been way better in it than Madonna lately, fact!], but is there quality behind Billboard? Hell yeh! And Mariah is there.
As for Madonna, maybe the best of Hard Candy is that it's not a bombastic reinvention. "Confessions" had world-wide spreading of the Euro-pop, but by choosing to share her spotlight with many others, maybe that's the greatest [self] reinvention, after all, sharing her momentum with strangers isn't what Madonna often does. She does that in Candy, so fairly that at day's end it's HER you can't stop thinking about.

*Mocreiah, Mandonna: those are puns with Mariah's and Madge's names in Portuguese. Mocréia [Mocreiah] means "a really fugly woman" and mandona [Mandonna] means "a really bossy lady." Yes, Portuguese is very fun sometimes.

Fucking Shit 2

Forget the fucking problems!!
This time is true!!
This time is REALLY true!
She's coming until December!!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Fucking Shit...

Last night Purki cited a famous Brazillian poem that goes about dangerous liasons playing with our relationships. It all ended with "Lucas, who belonged to no one."
Of course he meant in a good way: Lucas is the free spirit. I AM the free spirit; the fact I don't have relationship craps to solve soothes me a bit, but it's fact: every shoe has its foot.
So duh, I'm feeling hollow inside because I don't have a boyfriend nagging my nerves. But the truth is I'm feeling hollow because I am hollow. My life is filled up with social life and crazy drunk and druggie nights, but I have no job, no school, nothing to do to be REALLY proud of myself and brag it around. So much that even with all the crazy stuff happening every night in my life, I don't feel like writing them here or anywhere else.
Lately I've been feeling that I'm living free spiritness in the most shallow way, always remaining in the surface of thrills, but never in deep knowledge of real emotions. So I find myself repeating behaviours I surpassed and now satirize [such as falling for Internet people], because I simply have nothing left to do!
So, yesterday I wanted badly to cry after Purki's joke... and today I got somehow exhausted. My body decided to ache and not work, probably asking not to succumb to daily beers and pool matches.
That way I decided to catch a bus to Belo Horizonte, Brazil's forth biggest city, and see Rufus Wainwright live. That's my official pretext, but maybe I'll stay there for more than a weekend; see and try new things and people, cause in a different commotion... let's see what goes.
[Song: Whenever You Feel Like It - Kylie Minogue]