Thursday, May 15, 2008

Top 5 : Electro-Indienization

Indie Yes! Boring Jamais!
After all the Indie Rock thing with me I just felt I missed a good-old dancefloor; so following the tracks of Saint Etienne who rocked my world with their marvelous House beats, I came to naturally find more names of the Indie Dance scene. Here and bellow 5 acts that are rocking my world and body.
Honorable Mentions:
- Give It 2 Me [by Madonna]. There's nothing of Indie in it and at face value it's R&B, but pay attention to its wild variations and you notice such an exciting Dance act like Madonna hasn't done in a loooooong long time.
- Like A Drug [by Kylie Minogue]. It's no surprise that my favorite Dance divas would be here. At the moment they're the only non-Indie stuff I can't stop playing, and "Like A Drug" with it's empowered intro and massively involving synths "got me hooked, getting me on the floor."
Top 5:
[5] Helpless Fool For Love [by Annie]. Miss Annie is a forever favorite thing. I've talked some about her here, and she has featured a lot of post songs - and now, as I [re]connect with the new rave scene I start to recollect and re-listen to her simple but gorgeous album debut - Anniemal. "Helpless Fool" is an exciting mid-tempo thing that has a great hook directly synchronized with the obsessive lyrics. But warning: if you don't trully love the Electro-Dance thing, don't even try Annie.
[4] Je Veux Te Voi [by Yelle]. There's this Brazilian band, called Bonde do Rolê, that is bombing the world with their [even more] irreverent approach of the Favela Funk. Yelle is the gringo thing nearest to what the Funk Carioca is. She however has more elaborated/electrified beats and production, plus the lyrics and singing-style is even closer to Hip-Hop than to the Proibidão. "Je Veux Te Voi" can sound annoying to non-likers of the style, but for those who love a good sluttish and exciting song this is a treat.
[3] A Cause Des Garçons (TEPR Remix) [by Yelle]. I have this new dancefloor dream [lol] that is to dance to this song like these guys. Tecktonik is the new deal. Hey, don't be surprised if Madonna shove it into her Sticky & Sweet tour [it would perfectly match with "Give It 2 Me"]!
[2] Cry Baby [by Róisín Murphy]. A couple of friends told me to download her, I downloaded but it took me ages to finally give her a try. Stupid stupid Lucas!! Always delaying the good things for himself! I'm still addicted to every single song of her two solo albums, so much I dunno which I should choose, but Cry Baby [that has an incredible beat that reminds a bit of Donna Summer's long-time imitated classic, I Feel Love, but even more up-tempo and an atmosfera capable of kicking you out dancing all over the place] was the one playing as I started writing this position, so there it goes.
[1] Sing It Back [by Moloko]. When I told a friend I was in love with Murphy but I didn't know anything from Moloko he felt a bit offended. So he sent me a couple of videos and I understood why. THEY'RE PURE PERFECTION!! With a more organic approach of Electro-Dance music, their songs had more live instrumentals than most of the scene - something like what Saint Etienne does. This performance bellow was the one who rocked my socks; Róisín's personna, presence and beauty is breathtaking!!! Every vocalist wannabe should dream to be as exciting and chic.

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