Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Astral Hell

Since my encyclopedia told me there's no specific expression for this that I'm going to post about, let's use this one I invented, based on the literally english translation, to talk about the period in one's life that all kinds of shits are going to happen.
The astral hell is the 30-days period right before your birthday. Astrologers say it's the time when a circle in a person's life is close to an end, hence the emotional and [sometimes] rational mess. Lucas's period start on Feb 26 and he is already preparing himself to it.
Funny thing is that this week's Kabbalah Tune Up goes about ego and how we must keep always awareness in relation to it; but the first thing I read about astral hell said that it's a moment of introspection. Alright that's also something that should be done - considering that being aware includes knowing yourself - but maybe it's should be a time of looking for the big picture too.
Twas when I found another text that said:
According to the astrologer Eduardo Maia, the "Astral Hell" just happens when we don't realize that we should leave the stage to behold the world and disattach, in benefit of those that need some emotional or practical assistance. "It's time to be an instrument for the others' goodwill and not be concerned about oneself", he says. Considering that it mostly doesn't happen, comes the anguish, the emptiness and the sense of disorientation. [Porto Do Céu]
My astral hell ends on March 28 and until then my usual submarine behaviour will be assisted by an antenna connected to people.
Sounds contradictory: c'est moi most of the times.
[Song: Moving - Kate Bush]


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