Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kabbalah Says

"Make a list of your desires. Put down everything that comes to mind no matter how small or how foolish it may seem.. [...] Without knowing your true desires, you don't stand much of a chance of attaining them. So be honest!"
["When you've done that, write next to each desire how you think you might feel if you attained it. How might your life change?"]
- To have a boyfriend that loves me as much as I love him. [Fulfillment.]
- To have a good relationship with my mother. [Serenity.]
- To be patient. [Duuh!]
- Think less about the 50million possibilities of life and work more with what I have in front of me. [I'd be less anxious.]
- To keep having wonderful and fulfilling friends. [I'd be more calm and sure of myself.]
- To be a famous artist. [Happy to show my truth for a larger number of people.]
- To see Madonna live. [That'd just leave me happy.]
- To go through Madrid withour dramas*. [Relieved.]
- To be less pessimistic. [Self-confident.]
- To be stronger and more willing. [I'd feel more alive and less bored.]
- To be less prejudiceful and more tolerant. [Would make me feel more open about my human relations.]
- To be as self-confident as I aparent to be. [I'd feel more honest.]
- To travel the world. [I'd feel wiser.]
- To help humankind more concretely. [I'd feel less guilty.]
- To do what I preach. [I'de feel even less guilty.]
- "To love and to be loved in return." [Once again: fulfillment.]
[Song: The Youth - MGMT]

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